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Band: Queensryche / Album: Live Evolution /

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1. NM 156 Reich
2. Walk In The Shadows
3. Roads To Madness
4. The Lady Wore Black
5. London
6. Screaming In Digital
7. Take Hold Of The Flame
8. Queen Of The Reich
9. I Remember Now
10. Anarchy X
11. Revolution Calling
12. Spreading The Disease
13. Electric Requiem
14. Mission
15. Suite Sister Mary
16. I Don't Believe In Love
17. My Empty Room
18. Eyes Of A Stranger
19. I Am I
20. Damaged
21. Empire
22. Silent Lucidity
23. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
24. Jet City Woman
25. Liquid Sky
26. Sacred Ground
27. Breakdown
28. Falling Down
29. The Right Side Of My Mind
30. Hit The Black

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