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Style: AOR
Year of birth: 1990
Country: Sweden
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Biography of Band

AOR act M.ILL.ION issued their debut album on the Danish Bums label. It would be re-released by K.M.C. Records in Europe and Zero in Japan. The 1998 album, which showed a much harder sound than previous efforts, saw the recruitment of keyboard player Mikael Bohnke and drummer Per Westergren. M.ILL.ION gave themselves a healthy live repute as openers for MAGNUM's farwell dates.

The band introduced new keyboard player Johan Bergquist, previously a session player for HAMMERFALL, in January of 2003 upfront of the release of a new studio album 'Detonator', recorded in their homeland, mixed by the renowned Simon Hanhart and then mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. The album would be preceded by a single 'Shadow of The Cross accompanied with a Harrison Funk directed video.

As the band stepped up a gear the line up would fracture at a critical juncture with Hasse Johansson, Stefan Wetterlind and C.T. Rohdell all decamping. New faces for 'Detonator' would be vocalist Ulrich Carlsson and guitarist Jonas Hermansson. MILLION would also sign a new record deal with the British based A2 label securing for 'Detonator' a debut American release. The band switched to Majestic Rock Records to record a 2004 album, preceded by the taster '2004' EP.

Members of M.ILL.ION

Current Members:
Hasse Johansson. Role: Vocals
Stefan Wetterlind. Role: Guitar
C.T. Rohdell. Role: Guitar
B.J. Laneby. Role: Bass
Markus Ydkvist. Role: Keyboards
Roland Christoffersson. Role: Drums


CD: Sign Of Victory (1992) Studio: Bums. Tracklist.
CD: Electric (1998) Studio: Bluestone. Tracklist.
CD: Detonator (2001) Studio: A2. Tracklist.
CD: Get Millionized (2001) Studio: A2. Tracklist.
CD: Kingsize (2004) Studio: Majestic Rock. Tracklist.

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