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Style: Black / Doom / Death Metal
Year of birth: 1991
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

In 1990 Bartsch met Matton whose father had committed suicide when he was a young boy and his mother died of cancer shortly after that. In 1991 he joined the band Dark Tempest in which Matton was playing. They played a mix of black, thrash and classic heavy metal. They soon decided that they wanted to create a band that dealt more with suicide and death and therefore Bethlehem was created in September 1991. The band then signed a record deal in 1993 with the French Adipocere Records who released their first album in 1994 and since then Bethlehem has developed into one of the leading extreme metal bands in Germany. They have however had some problems with the authorities since there is a law in Germany that forbids the glorification of violence...

Members of Bethlehem

Current Members:
Olaf Eckharst. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Guitars
J?rgen Bartsch. In Band at: 1991 - . Role: Bass
Side projects: Deinonychus, Dark Tempest
Reiner Tiedemann. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Keyboards
Steve Wolz. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Imperia, Silencer, Deinonychus
Past Members:
Guido Meyer de Voltaire. Period: 2001 - 2004. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Aardvarks
Rainer Landfermann. Period: 1996 - 1998. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Pavor
Klaus Matton. Period: 1991 - 1996. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Dark Tempest
Andreas Classen. Period: 1991 - 1995. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Paragon Belial, Shining
Chris Steinhoff. Period: 1991 - 1996. Role: Drums
Side projects: Scarabaeus
Cathrin Campen. In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Vocals
Marco Kehren. In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: Deinonychus, Malefic Oath
Marcus Losen. Period: 1998 - 1998. Role: Drums
Side projects: Phantom Rockers
Oliver Schmidt (Guest). Role: Keyboards on Thy Pale Dominion


Demo: Demo 92 (1992) Tracklist.
EP: Thy Pale Dominion (1993) Tracklist.
Lineup: Matton - Electric Guitars, Classen - Vocals, Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Steinhoff - Drums, Oliver Schmidt - Session keyboards
Promo: Promo 93 (1993) Tracklist.
CD: Dark Metal (1994) Tracklist.
Lineup: Matton - Electric Guitars, Classen - Vocals, synth, Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Steinhoff - Drums
Comment: Re-release by Red Stream, 1997.
Last two tracks are from the "Thy Pale Dominion" 7".
CD: Dictius Te Necare (1996) Tracklist.
Lineup: Matton - Electric Guitars, Steinhoff - Drums, Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Landfermann - Vocals
Comment: Re-released in 2004 on Red Stream. Includes:
- two music/PC-video CDs in a DVD case
- remixes from DTN, Dark Metal and S.U.I.Z.I.D.
- PC-ROM videos (including a live video from Dark Metal)
- two rare tracks from the DTN sessions
- oversized booklet with never before seen photos from the Dictius- and
EP: Reflektionen auf's Sterben (1998) Tracklist.
Lineup: Klaus Matton - Electric Guitars, Markus Lossen - Drums, Jurgen Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Marco Kehren: Vocals Cathrin Campen - Vocals
Comment: The song that is being played in the backround of track 06 is a Iron Maiden
cover, which was released under the names "Tiemutter" and "Wo Adlers Wagen".
CD: Sardonischer Untertgang Im Zeichen Irreligiöser Darbietung (1998) Tracklist.
Lineup: Klaus Matton - Electric Guitars, Markus Lossen - Drums, Jurgen Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Marco Kehren - Vocals, Cathrin Campen - Vocals
Comment: The album title can also shortened to S.U.i.Z.i.D.
EP: Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank (2000) Tracklist.
Lineup: Klaus Matton - Electric Guitars, Steve Wolz - Drums, Jurgen Bartsch - Bass Guitar , vocals, Marco Kehren - Session Vocals
CD: Schatten aus der Alexander Welt (2001) Tracklist.
Lineup: Olaf Eckhardt - Electric Guitars, Steve Wolz - Drums, Jürgen Bartsch - Bass Guitar, Reiner Tiedemann - Keyboards, Guido Meyer de Voltaire - Vocals
Comment: An American version, released in 2002, comes as a double cd featuring a shorter
version of the album (which replaces the original dialogues and monologues with
shorter radio-transmission styled interludes) on cd 1 and eleven tracks of
experimental music made by Marcus Johannsen on cd 2 (which are unavailable
anywhere else).
Prophecy also released as single disc version of the album, which has the same
tracklist of the American first cd.

Disc 1 1-9
Disc 2 10-18
EP: Suicide Radio (2003) Tracklist.
Comment: An audio-visual CD-ROM, containing video clips, remixes, photo galleries, and a band discography.

1. Weicher Stuhl 2:49
2. Tagebuch Einer Togeburt 4:27
3. Bethlehem Radio 3:17
4. Nexus 5:12
EP: Alles Tot (2004) Tracklist.
Comment: "Wo Adlers Wagen" is a cover from Iron Maiden's "Where Eagles Dare".
The 7" ep is limited to 500 copies all in gatefold sleeve and white vinyl.
Both songs were recorded in `96. They were previously available in a Red Stream
compilation from '99 called "To Live is Ever to be in Danger", though both
tracks had different names:
01. Champagner Freuden in Verk?ster Leichenfotze
02. Tiemutter

Wo Adlers Wagen can also be heard in the backround of the last track from the
EP Reflektionen auf's Sterben.
CD: Mein Weg (2004) Tracklist.

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