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Style: Techno Death
Year of birth: 1991
Country: Italy
Views: 6581. Updated: 23 March, 2005 by Project Moderators

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Biography of Band

The Italian death metal band Sadist was formed in 1991 when the former Necrodeath drummer Peso started auditioning musicians for a new project. In September they signed with the Italian company Obscure Plasma Records (later to become Avantgarde Music) for the release of a 7" EP which was to sell more than 2,500 copies worldwide. It was later re-released on tape with a bonus track by the American Wild Rags Records.

In the summer of 1993 Sadist played outside of Italy for the very first times, playing shows in both France and Portugal. A company called Nosferatu Records noticed the band and signed them to their label. A couple of albums for Nosferatu followed along with a couple of small European tours. In July 1996 the band recorded a second video-clip with producer Alessandro Amaducci, a video which got television support up to MTV and VIVA.

In November 1996 Sadist headlined Mindview's Belgian Metal Convention. After major line-up changes the band signed a new deal in May 1997 with the Dutch label Displeased Records for the release of a new album called "Crust". Yet another label switch took place as Sadist signed with the German label System Shock in the year 2000.

Members of Sadist

Current Members:
Andy. In Band at: 1991 - . Role: Bass, Vocals
Trevor. In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Vocals
Tommy. In Band at: 1991 - . Role: Guitars, Keyboards
Oinos. In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Fabio. Period: 1991 - 1992. Role: Vocals
Chicco. Period: 1993 - 1996. Role: Bass
Peso. Period: 1991 - 1996. Role: Drums
Zanna. Period: 1993 - 1996. Role: Vocals


EP: Black Scream (1991) Studio: Obscure Plasma.
CD: Above The Light (1993) Studio: Nosferatu.
CD: Tribe (1996) Studio: Nosferatu.
CD: Crust (1997) Studio: Displeased.
CD: Lego (2000) Studio: System Shock.

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