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Style: Death Metal
Year of birth: 2000
Country: Russia
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Biography of Band

Morrah (named after The Groke from Tove Jansson's Moomintroll books, by anglicizing the original Swedish name of this character, Mårran) was formed on 16 December 2000 in St.Petersburg, Russia by Alexander Dovzhikov (bass/vocals), M.F. Hobbit (guitar), Oleg (guitar), and Dmitry Varlamov (drums). First thing, the musicians began line-up reorganization. As soon as after a couple of months the band decided to hire a separate bass player, and Vadim Ryabinin took this place. After a while, as a result of impartial observation and some intrigues, Oleg left the band. Vadim took over the guitar (incidentally, a more familiar instrument to him) and Nikita was invited as a bassist, not to hold out long but to be soon replaced by Mikhail Karavanov.

The musicians had been "stewing in the juice of others" for quite a long time, covering the songs of Paradise Lost, Kiss, Six Feet Under, and Diamond Head until one day they realized they could show quite good team-work and began to write their own stuff...

...However, they did not succeed much because the split in their ranks over style preferences resulted in Vadim's quitting the band. From the outset, the band's style was regarded as melodic death, but later it became clear that different band members understood these two words differently. It was an epic milestone in Morrah's history when experienced guitarist Alexander Aleksanichev aka "Deada" joined the band, who started his music career with Corpsegrinder (death-grind) and had played for 2 years with a once-famous band Exhumation (melodic death). Finally, the style of Morrah was defined as death metal. During August-December 2002, the musicians composed some new songs, worked in the studio on their demo record and above all, entered the stage of St.Petersburg.

Members of Morrah

Current Members:
Alexander Dovzhikov. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Vocals, Bass
Alexander Aleksanichev. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Guitar
Side projects: Corpsegrinder, Exumation
Ilya Kotelnikov. Role: Guitar
Side projects: Cantens Mortem
Mikhail Karavanov. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Bass
Dmitry Varlamov. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Podarki Fei
Past Members:
Oleg. Period: 2000 - 2000. Role: Guitar
Lev Torba. Role: Guitar
Nikita. Role: Bass
Vadim Ryabinin. Period: 2000 - 2002. Role: Bass


EP: Experiment In Blood (2003) Studio: Fantom Pain. Tracklist.
Demo: Promo (2004)

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