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Стиль: Melodic Death Metal
Год образования: 1998
Страна: Serbia
Просмотров: 3235

Биография группы

"Anguish Sublime" originated on one cold october day in a year 1998th in a small town of Temerin (20km northern from Novi Sad) in Vojvodina, Serbia. The founders of the band are Crni (Aleksandar Crnobrnja - giuitar, composer, etc.) and Arpad (Aprad Takacs - vocal, lyrics) who after several years of friendshi decided to focus their ideas and creativity into one goal. For few succeeding years, they tryed tio gather musicians around band project but they had a little success. Durig the years of 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001, the two of them worked and created many songs, such as "Among the Raven Sikes", "Where Leprous Angels Breed" and "Mesmerized in Asphyxiated Deligth", but still didn't manage to find the rest of the band member crew.

In the meantime, Arpad, with some of his friends (Nenad Stupar - Drums and Tino Mihajlovic - Guitar) founds death-grind band named "Anus Dei" and a doom-black project named "Synthesis Diabolique" which was short lifetime. In the beginning of year 2002, Arpad joins the "Tales of Dark", doom / death band from Novi Sad. In the summer same year,Draško Pejovic joins Anguish Sublime as a second guitar.

Year 2003. will be remembered as the turning point for "Anguish Sublime". The band finally found drummer caled Vule (Vukašin Mandic - drummer from "Tales of Dark") and start rehearsing the repertoir. Due to impossibility to play in both bands, Vule leaves "Anguish Sublime" and on the drummers place arrives Darko(Darko Stanojevic - ex Tortura). After a short period, Nikola (Nikola Cavar - guitar player from "Tales of Dark") joins the band as a bass guitar player, and Vule leaves "Tales of Dark" and returns to "Anguish Sublime" . In the meantime Arpad leaves "Anus Dei".

In the May 2004. , after 6 long years, the band releases their first demo album named "Among the Raven Skies" consisted of 7 tracks (duration 36:09) and for the first time plays in public. The promotional gig took place at "NS Riders" underground club in Novi Sad, in front of about 180 people who accepted this burst of melodic death metal with obvious thrill and enthusiasm. "Anguish Sublime" played along with "Anus Dei" and "Tales of Dark".

Nowadays, the band is still seeking for a keyboard player and working on some new songs, preparing to record the "Among the Raven Skies" album which will contain 5 more tracks and the old ones will be rerecorded and remastered, and trying to introduce many more people with the name of "ANGUISH SUBLIME"!

Temerin, June 2004.

Участники группы Anguish Sublime

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Demo: Among the Raven Skies (2004)

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