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Style: Punk / Death Metal
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Switzerland
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Biography of Band

Also known as: Iron Metal, Brainstorm.

The Band was originally founded back in 1994 by Markus Betschart (guitar) and Hugo Schelbert (drums) under the flagname: Iron Metal.
A few months later the bassman Daniel Inderbitzin and in the year 1996, Ralph "Hoss" Gwerder (guitar) joined the band, during these times the group was called Brainstorm. Punk and later on Melodic-Death was the style of sound the band used to play in the rehearsal-room located in Muotathal, within the mountainside of Switzerland. In the year 2000 the decision was done to try a complete new beginning and to play pure fucking Death – Metal!
After 2 _ years concert - break, a comeback was planned at the first Mountains Of Death (August 2001) and in the late 2001, the new singer Peter "Stöh" Stöckli was discovered. From this point on Ambrossia had the aim to write brutal and technical good Death – Metal songs and to do some shows, of course… so watch out or "sheep will happen"!

Members of Ambrossia

Current Members:
Peter Stockli (Stoh). In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Vocals
Markus Betschart (Founder). In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Guitars
Ralph Gwerder (Hoss). In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Guitars
Daniel Inderbitzin. In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Bass, Vocals
Hugo Schelbert (Founder). In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Rene Imhof. Period: 1994 - 1995. Role: Vocals
Carlo Gwerder. Period: 1994 - 1996. Role: Bass
Roli Schelbert. Period: 1996 - 2000. Role: Vocals
Richi Baggenstos. Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: Vocals


CD: Pressorce Through Spate (2003) Studio: Demonenbrut-Studios. Tracklist.

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