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Style: Death Metal
Year of birth: 1989
Country: Turkey
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Biography of Band

Turkey's attitude to world music industry has changed when Suicide was founded by guitar player Erkan Tatoglu and his
friends in 1989. In 1991, the first concert was given in Ankara, Talip cinema where the band played to an audience of
aproximately 1300 people. After so many changes in the line up, Erkan moved to vocals and Hakan Kuscu joined the band as
the lead guitarist in 1994. Esad Erbil joined in 1995 as the bass guitar player. The band's recent line up has formed
after Caglar Yurut joined them in 2003. In Turkey, the band took stage in more than 50 concerts mostly in Ankara,
Eskiюehir, Эstanbul, Bursa, Эzmir, Kayseri and Mersin. The band, also known as the "Death Metal Titans" in Turkey has an
EP called
"Spiritual Mess" (2000), a split CD including this EP and an album "One of Your Neighbours" (2004). The debut album "One
of Your Neighbours" contains 15 years of experience in 14 songs, that devastates the trends in todays death metal while
combining the pieces from old school death metal to technical and brutal death, had excellent interpretations from the
media. The band has participated in various radio programmes, magazines and webzines. Apart from the fascinating music,
the lyrics also hammered on the listeners. The song that gave its name to the album is about suicide bombers; "the
innocent is murdered on the streets, unknown enemy masturbates..", "enemy is close; one of your neighbours, wishing to
kill you...". Still facing terror, "Terror Preached" contends "built factories by the cheapest ways.., mobile bio weapons,
a trigger, a button, to lead to perfect mayhem, to end it all...", "the game is set to rule the whole world, to gain more,
to become a god...". The social
content continues with Turkey's natural disasters; earthquakes in "Buried Alive". This time the lyrics opposes greedy
contractors that built weak constructions: "Greedy structuring, consumption of nature, purged the cities...", "neither age
nor sex determined when they exhume the bodies...". More can be found in the album, but the one that accuses politicians
and army; "Worms Stuck on a Sphere" states: "Blood thirsty carnivores wearing uniforms splatter blood on everyones future,
can you purify by acting innocent, they spill blood you lick their boots...".

Members of Suicide

Current Members:
Erkan Tatoglu. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Hakan Kuscu. Role: Lead Guitars
Esad Erbil. Role: Bass
Caglar Yurut. Role: Drums


CD: Spiritual Mess (2002)
Comment: Also released in EP and MC (cassette) formats.
CD: One Of Your Neighbours (2004)

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