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Стиль: Melodic Rock Metal
Год образования: 2001
Страна: France
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Биография группы

2000: Jean-Christophe and Laurent take part in the constest "Les Talents d'Or", at Saint-Flour (Cantal, France) following the sending of
a two titles demo recorded with a few equipment.

2001: the 3 autodidact brothers (jean christophe : lyrics/song writer and vocalist], [Laurent : guitarist] and [Flo : drummer]) form a
band they name Towersound (name inspired by the old tower attached to their house where they play and work), and opt for the progressive
rock music genre at the beginning. But through years their music style evolves and is now considered as melodic power/heavy metal.

2002: thanks to their passion and the work they did the prior year, their knowlege in audio, computer systems and record technics are
enough sufficient to allow them to record a first home made project (5 songs). Simultaneously Jon continues to work on new songs, musing
about a more important project. 2002 is also the year of their very first interview and radio air play on Radio Tilt ("Region Centre",

2003: home made record of a first "demo album" (10 tracks). Jean-Christophe decides to subscribe to the SACEM organism to protect his
songs/lyrics. Laurent puts the band websites online and start to take care of them daily ( for francophone people
and for anglophone people). They play their first lives: "le Printemps de Bourges" ("The big open stage"
and "Rйgion Centre stage"), le "Rallye Cњur de France", some music feasts and some regional stages… The association “Towersound Evolution”
is created to support and help the band. Second Air play and interview on Radio Arverne ("Le Puy De Dфme", France).

2004: composition and record of their first album "Towersound" (11 tracks). Signature with the french metal label "Brennus Music". They
also work hard on the new version of their website (create a lot of graphics for its design, add a lot of files and make several updates).
Creation of the album cover and the album booklet containing 16 pages.

2005: active search of stages and promotion ways especially on the internet. A lot of subscriptions to indie websites, contests, music
directories and search engines. A lot of contacts with webzines, webradios, fanzines, show organisers and radio animators. The album is
officially released on Friday 13th May under the Brennus label. The band makes a lot of radio airplays (some important ones like "Radio
France Bleu") during June, they also play 3 shows in the month and make a TV emission on a french national channel: France 3. Another good
news for the month: the band has been chosen to participate to an important contest (in the "Auvergne" province) named: "Big Jama 2005".
Towersound played at the "Metal Bash" festival in Bretagne (France, with Dark Age, Paragon, Torment...) on september, 10th. And the band
win a rock contest at St-Alban (Lozиre - France) on october.

Участники группы Towersound

Текущий состав:
Jon (Основатель). В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Vocals
Lonn. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Guitars
Flod. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Drums


Demo: Towersound Demo1 (2002) Студия: Towersound Home. Трэклист.
Состав: Jon - Vocals, Lonn - Guitars, Flod - Drums
Demo: Towersound Demo2 (2003) Студия: Towersound Home. Трэклист.
Состав: Jon - Vocals, Lonn - Guitars, Flod - Drums
CD: Towersound (2004) Студия: Towersound Home. Трэклист.
Состав: Jon - Vocals, Lonn - Guitars, Flod - Drums

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