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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 2002
Country: USA
Views: 6625. Updated: 10 May, 2005 by Project Moderators

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Biography of Band

Its appropriate that they take their name from one of the most enduring classic cult films of the horror idiom. But
the most ferocious thing about New York-based metal quintet Carnival of Souls is not the cinema-inspired gothic imagery of
its stage-show and videos. Its the sound a brand of ultra-heavy modern metal that pays homage to the forms 40-year
history, while adding a healthy dose of melodic hooks and cutting-edge sonics to the mix.

COSs powerfully big live act has earned the quintet opening slots across the U.S. for and the respect of metal legends
both classic and contemporary, including Queensryche, Motorhead, Anthrax, Twisted Sister and Superjoint Ritual. Its also
generating a rapidly-growing underground fan-base that embraces all-ages of metal-lovers from 13-year SlipKnot devotees
to 30-ish fans of Metallica, Pantera and Kiss.

Carnival of Souls standout blend of fury and melody recently earned the top slot in Hit Parader Magazines Reality HP
Contest. This worldwide search brought in entries from thousands of wannabe metal superstars in the U.S, France, Brazil,
Japan, Australia and more, all for the chance to win a demo deal with Atlantic Records. Ever the individualists, the
band is presently taking the D.I.Y. route signing with New York-based independent Arena 1 Records to release its
forthcoming debut CD, Ashes to Ashes.

Carnival of Souls is guitarist Rob The Machine DeForge, lead vocalist Lee Cancela, bassist/composer Gene Hunter,
drummer Bobby Rock and Damian, a masked character who handles second and harmony vocals. There is much theatricality that
is at the heart of the bands story-based songs, stage show and videos.

When it comes to the songs and imagery, Carnivals ouveure falls into two distinct arenas.

First are tunes like Darkest Hour and We All Fall Down, ones inspired by the imagery and dark energy of fantasy and
horror films like Dracula, The Omen and The Crow. COS is drawn to dark imagery because it pushes buttons. Music
should be like a roller coaster ride, giving you an exhilarating experience as it goes up, down and sideways, adds COS.

Darkest Hour takes fans into a real fantasy situation what it would be like to be Dracula come back to life in 21st
Century America, We All Fall Down also makes a powerful connection because we use this childrens nursery rhyme to
tell a contemporary story that relates to the Black Plague, with a video chockfull of the Nightmare on Elm Street
imagery that terrified us as kids.
- more -
In the second basket are the songs that look at the world around us. Like a newscast, we want our music to tap into and
describe whats going on in the world, Were not saying that the world is good or bad, merely that the past, present
and future are linked, and that you need strength of vision and spirit to persevere.

In Just For A Moment, Carnival of Souls creates a melodic and probing lyrical portrait of the 9/11 tragedy, the wave of
sorrow that came over these New York-based band members as they witnessed the real-world horror that unfolded in their own
backyard. With I Wont See You Cry, Carnival of Souls crafts another eye-opener, a song that reminds us how numb and
blindfolded weve become to the harsh realities of our current society, and how we simply need to look, see and feel. In
Grey, the band melodically hammers home how the evil of the past, and lessons not learned, have led to the evil we
experience today.

Thinking-metal-lovers will soon have the chance to hear and see CoS with the release of its debut CD, Ashes to Ashes,
on Arena 1 Records, and rich, gothic-inspired videos for Grey and We All Fall Down. .

The 9-tune opus is a testament to the power and pop appeal of Carnival of Souls arena-worthy brand of modern metal.
Guitar Rob DeForge earns his nickname The Machine by serving up mighty, impregnable towers of power chords and wailing,
wah-wah-accented soloing. Vocalist Lee Cancela demonstrates a talent rare in metal the ability to be harsh, forceful
and melodic at the same time, to cut through the wash of sound to theatrically impart the most hum-able hooks and
melodies. Bassist Gene Hunter provides a deep, steady anchor for the propulsion provided by drummer Bobby Rock. The
masked and ever-mysterious Damian provides some of the more ethereal moments in the mix.

As proud as they are of their CD and video offerings, Carnival of Souls is a band that really distinguishes itself
on-stage and, if all goes according to plan, the huge arena- and stadium-sized variety.

Theres nothing like the power of an arena-band, adds COS. Were aiming to have the kind of impact on our fans of the
bands we grew up with and worshipped as kids. People are hungry for the kind of raging, inspiring and melodic metal that
can shake a stadium, and make the recent era of boy bands and lip-synchers feel like a bad dream weve finally awoken

Media Contacts: Cataldi PR, 212-244-9797, sal(at)
Management Contact: Levi Ari Management[at]

Members of Carnival Of Souls

Current Members:
Lee Cancela. Role: Vocals
The machine. Role: Guitars
Gene Hunter. Role: Bass
Bobby Rock. Role: Drums
Damian. Role: Vocals


CD: Ashes to Ashes (2005) Tracklist.

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