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Style: Pagan Metal
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Belarus
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Members of Kamaedzitca

Current Members:
Oleg Gubitch (Radan Luty). Role: Vocals, Pipe, Flute
Igor Shesternev (Baruta Chorny). Role: Guitars, Keyboards
Pavel Kotov (Baravit Vetran). Role: Guitars
Maksim Shyfryn (Belyamir). Role: Bass
Anton Kogotkov (Vedzyaslau Liha). Role: Drums


Demo: Promo 2003 (2003) Studio: Phantom Studio.
CD: Dzetsi Lesa (2004) Studio: X-Noise Factory/Phantom Studio.
Comment: Name of album means "Children Of Forest".

Recording, Mixing and Mastering:
X-Noise Factory - Gennady GENADEE Syrockwash
Phantom Studio - Baruta Chorny

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