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Style: Pagan Metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: Netherlands
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Biography of Band

Svidgar started officially after a bit of getting the band together and working with other members. The last and hardest
member to get was the drummer, but it was worth the effort. In the beginning we played a few covers to get along with each
other and after a time we decided to write songs by ourselves. But the problem was the style we wanted to play, because
each one of us came with some great riffs, but a lot of those riffs weren’t what we are looking for. We went from black to
death, from death to melodic death and back. We were getting sick of that and got to the point that we first need to have
a song which every band member was going to be proud of. And after a while, with lot’s of arguing and irritating each
other, the song Broken Reality was getting it's shape. Again a lot of arguing came along with it when some things changed
in the song. But we got it on paper and it’s definitely finished. When it was finished things began to take place in the
band, playing together is going better and better, and writing of the songs is going more smoothly, and now we have
another 6 songs witch carry our stamp. So you just have to wait for our first demo, but it won’t take long.

Members of Svidgar

Current Members:
Antoine Bronkhorst (Founder). Role: Vocals
Martijn Schuurmans (Founder). Role: Guitars
Niels Hamersma (Founder). Role: Bass
Janneke Wollersheim (Founder). Role: Synths
Bram Borrias (Founder). Role: Drums


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