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Year of birth: 1972
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

"...Rob and I met in 7th grade in 1969 and instantly became friends because we both loved Ferrari and the Lord of the Rings. In the summer of 1971, he and Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan (who later joined punk band The Angry Samoans) decided to start a band to play Beatles songs, and I think the only reason they got me was that I had an amp. We called ourselves Titanic. Three guitars plugged into one 15 watt amp and Rob with just a snare drum and hi-hat trying to play Beatles songs...I wish I had a tape! Anyway, Rob and Jerry and I wanted to play heavier stuff like Cream and Mountain, so we left Titanic to sink, and the three of us formed Cirith Ungol in 1972, initially playing songs by Budgie, Thin Lizzy, Highway Robbery, Hard Stuff, etc. We set up a small studio in our practice room in 1977, and we did a lot of writing and recording between 1977-80. I have stacks of tapes from that period, and there are lots of songs that have not been released. In 1979, we recorded a dozen songs and released a cassette only album, which we sold at shows. A few of the songs from that album were remixed and released on УServants of ChaosФ..."

Greg Lindstrom 2002

"...We played hundreds of shows, and had a band room where we played 3-4 nights a week and people would come over and hear us. We were a very powerful band live and blew away many of the bands we played with. The only part I enjoyed being in the band was playing and unfortunately out of the 22 years it was not what I got to do the most. Near the end were some of our best shows. Our roadies would dress up in robes and bring Tim out in a coffin for "King of the Dead" they would slowly raise it up and he would crawl out singing. I had these explosive devices on my cymbals which would shoot a balls of fire 20 feet in the air, we also had this stuffed head that had red LED's for eyes that we would mount on my gong stand. We had a gigantic praying skeleton logo backdrop and sometimes the glowing "Wheel of Fate" logo off our album. At the end of the show we would always go crazy scraping guitar strings, smashing equipment, breaking cymbals and generally letting loose. We usually opened for "bigger" bands so we usually got no sound check, no dressing rooms, bad sound and lights so we always would try to play as hard and heavy as we could and finish up with a bang. It made us hard and cold and we would always play very loud and Kick Ass!..."

Robert Garven 2002

"...I remember we played with УRattФ once at the Beverly Theater in Beverly Hills. We were trying to tune 10 guitars in a closet, I walked down the hall and Ratt had two 50 foot long dressing rooms and they were in there putting on their lipstick and eye make-up. It was enough to make a Уreal manФ sick to his stomach! Once we played with Lita Ford, we got no sound check, she got around a 3 hour sound check, got in a fight with her boyfriend or manager and never showed up to the sold out show. The next day they said she was in an auto accident or some bullshit but it was just a lie. We played with Loudness from Japan they were cool. We usually were treated so poorly when we got out on stage we really tried to make a statement by blowing the other bands off, which usually happened!..."

Robert Garven 2000

"...I think our unique sound came from the fact that we were heavily influenced by European bands such as Thin Lizzy, early Scorpions, Lucifer's Friend, Mournin-Night Sun etc. Unfortunately for us (although I'm sure we wanted to be successful) our only real thought was to create good metal. Actually we sold quite a few albums but we were always on independent labels that had little or no money for tour support, advertising, airplay, etc. I am sure with this missing link we would have been more well know to the mainstream metal audience. Our big mistake was not hooking up with a major label, if this had happened we would still be together today with 10 albums out..."

Robert Garven 1999

"...The biggest mistake we ever made was signing with an independent label. You have to remember what the independent companies were doing then. Instead of releasing one album and really promoting it like the big companies they were releasing 100 albums and hoping one or two would sell allot or even break even. It is really like gambling but with people careers. Bands like ours were the losers. No matter what anyone's good intentions were at any of our record companies (and I'm not sure how many good intentions there eve were), no one ever spent the kind of $$ on the band for promotion or tour support that it would have needed to become successful. We should have somehow held out for a major label, but who knows, if we had not done our first LP we might have never have had ANY music recorded or released?!?!!?..."

Robert Garven 1999

Members of Cirith Ungol

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7'': LIVE Studio: Old Metal Records.
LP, CD: Frost And Fire (1980) Studio: Liquid Flames Records. Tracklist.
LP, CD: King Of The Dead (1984) Studio: Enigma Records. Tracklist.
LP, CD: One Foot In Hell (1986) Studio: Metal Blade Records. Tracklist.
CD, MC: Paradise Lost (1991) Studio: Restless Records. Tracklist.
2-CD: Servants Of Chaos (2001) Studio: Metal Blade Records.

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