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Year of birth: 2004
Country: Poland
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Biography of Band

Neurothing was created in Poznan (Poland) in last months of 2004. At that time the final instrumentalline-up was formed and the band
defined the direction in which to go in the future. The next step was to record the drums at Candida Recording Studio with the thought of
a promo EP release but we were still missing the vocals.

After a few months of searching in the beginning of 2005 Chupasangre joined the band and his vocalsgave our material the right character
and sound. It was an important step forward for Neurothing. Soon awsome vocal lines were created and we chose 4 songs for our promo

In the late spring Neurothing began recording guitars and vocals. This time at Laronerrma RecordingInstitute with the help of a
recognized sound engineer and producer Jacek Chraplak who also was responsible for mixing and mastering of "Vanishing Celestial Bodies".
It was a good choice, Jacek Chraplak did exactly what the band expected from him and end of June our material was alreadymastered.

July 11, 2005 Neurothing officially appeared at (an Internet portal gathering the international music community - bands,
labels, radio stations and fans).

Neurothing was still at work, on July 16th we finished shooting of the promo video to "Macheta". The video will appear in the multimedia
part of the Promo EP 2005. The video clip premiere is scheduled for the first days of September. It will be also available on the official
Internet site of Neurothing.

Members of Neurothing

Current Members:
Chupasangre. Role: Vocals
Hazub. Role: Guitars
Sloma. Role: Guitars
Bocian. Role: Bass
Buli. Role: Drums


Promo: Vanishing Celestial Bodies (2005) Tracklist.
Lineup: Chupasangre - all vocals, Hazub - guitars, Sloma - guitars, Bocian - bass, Buli - drums
Comment: Recordings:
Drums - Maciej Gluchowski @ Candida Recording Studio
Vocals & guitars - Jacek Chraplak @ Laronermma Recording Institute

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