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Year of birth: 2002
Country: Portugal
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Biography of Band

Dark Society appeared in early 2002, in a raw state, only with Filipe Pinto (voice), Ruben Ferreira (guitar) and Paulo Lopes (bass
guitar). Under the influences of Moonspell, Divine Lust, Joy Division, Iced Earth, among others, they started playing in Paulo's attic.
Later, with three almost complete songs, the group came to assume, in 2003, its current form with the entrance of Domingos Santos
(keyboards) and Pedro Moreira (drums).

With new musical influences (Dream Theater, Dreadfull Shadows, ...) and the amazing experience Pedro brought to the other elements, as
well as the proper growth of the band, they play an influenced but new and fresh metal, fast and heavy, with goth, punk and death sounds...

The words that follow the sounds are the consequence of a way to be and think, of the band or an element in particular, concerning
personal experiences, anger, dramas and shames of the society.

Members of Dark Society

Current Members:
Filipe Pinto. Role: Vocals
Ruben Ferreira. Role: Guitars
Paulo Lopes. Role: Bass
Domingos Santos. Role: Keyboards
Pedro Moreira. Role: Drums


Demo: Demo (2003)
EP: Dark Society (2005) Studio: Adrenalina Studios.

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