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Style: Doom Metal
Year of birth: 2000
Country: Russia
Views: 6673. Updated: 21 April, 2007 by 1

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Members of Crepuscularia

Current Members:
LordPain (Founder). Period: 2000 - 2006. Role: guitar, bass-guitar, growl-vocals, keys, sound-engeneering, producing
Past Members:
Igor' Y. (Vindir) (Founder). Period: 2000 - 2005. Role: bass-guitar, vocal, rhythm-guitar
AeternaNox (AeternaNox) (Guest). Period: 2005 - 2006. Role: lyrics, session keys, web-designer
Anton (Bul'ban) (Founder). Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: none
Denis Maksimov (Tushkin) (Guest). Period: 2001 - 2001. Role: none
Yuriy Matveev (Matt) (Guest). Period: 2001 - 2001. Role: bass guitar
Tenebrus (Guest). Period: 2006 - 2006. Role: drums
Side projects: Nojda, Pharus, etc


Demo: Buried And Forgotten (2005) Studio: Anthropocide records. Tracklist.
Lineup: LordPain, Vindir, AeternaNox
Comment: Raw, rough and minimalistic music for the fans of Russian doom underground. Low record quality, typical for the bands of demo-level, adjoins monotonous and pressing riffs and primitive drums. Mainly instrumental compositions are very different in their mood, from "light autumn melancholy" up to the deepest funeral grief. The monolith of the band's sound is made by guitars, keyboards are used just slightly. All instruments were recorded live except drums. In addition to five tracks composed by the band itself, there is the Anathema cover song on the album.
Split: Infinity In Soul (2006) Studio: Anthropocide records. Tracklist.
Lineup: LordPain, AeternaNox, Tenebrus
Comment: Russian label Endless Desperation presents its first release from "Infinity in soul" series. The disc lasts 78 minutes and contains 11 tracks of four different groups:

Lake Of Depression from Panama. They sound in the traditions of underground funeral doom, but the pecularity of that band is in the atmosphere typical for horror films soundtracks. Plus flamenco elements!

Crepuscularia. The Russian band from Domodedovo performs slow and raw doom/death with funeral elements. Their music is at the turn of early Anathema and Skepticism. Funeral parts remind something of Thergothon and Dusk.

Source of Deep Shadows from Poland. This band performs atmospheric funeral doom with vivid solo-guitar parts. For those, who likes Cemetery Of Scream, Funerary Dirge, Shape Of Despair.

Quasar. A new but already well-known band from Kurgan. The music of the band is above any stamps, but it can be described as cosmic atm. funeral doom.

The release is issued in 527 copies (500 of them are numbered by hand). Many compositions from this split won't be recorded and released again in the future.

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