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Style: Gothic / Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: Brazil
Views: 9031

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Biography of Band

HistoryIn September 2004, bassist Doug Bathmann was invited to take part in a Rock Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In order to perform the gig, Bathmann
called his friend, guitarist Vagner Machado to gather a band. It was not to be an official band, just a group of friends playing and bringing a message.

Bathmann and Machado contacted drummer Miguel Polizel and vocalist Gilmore Lucassen. Machado also invited guitarist Rod Silva and Bathmann invited
vocalist Sus Gramcianinov and pianist J. Marcel that were playing with him in some projects at that date.

From this unofficial union, that was supposed to be temporary, came Bloodforge. Bands main characteristic is the female vocals, which alternates with
male and guttural vocals.

Bloodforges main influences goes from Doom to Gothic Metal, and sounding also like some 80's Heavy Metal, as well as the 70's Progressive, as a result
of its members' experiences in other bands and musical projects.

Its composing has the commitment to show that in spite of every single situation a person may be, there will always be a Light capable to drive all dark
away. The lyrics are honestly written by its members and talks about personal situations, thoughts and ideas about living, feelings and the supernatural
around mankind.

The first CD-EP, "Forged", released in April/2005, counts on the tracks "Show You the Way", "Inside my Mind" and "Morning Star". This album tells the
story of a character and the process that leads his life to be molded - forged - as the raw metal in a blacksmith's forge. The cover art is composed by
the elements of this theme, and demonstrates the possibility of hope and change among mankind's degradation.

In July/2005, the band was the winner in a festival with other fifteen bands in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Today the band is performing throughout Brazil, and preparing the complete official CD.

Bloodforges today Line-up: Doug Bathmann (Bass), Vagner Machado (Guitar), Rod Silva (Guitar), Jason Loureiro (Drums), Marcus Lopes (Keyboard) and
Cinthia Tchy (Vocal).

Members of Bloodforge

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