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Биография группы

This heavy band emerged in the San Diego music scene seeking something new. Fans needed a fresh voice to call their own and Daemos delivered.
The Daemos experience blends old school roots with a new school feel. This fresh mix quickly attracted a diverse crowd. A Daemos show is one of the few places you might find a 16-year-old Slipknot fan grooving next to a die-hard Priest fan of 40.
Daemos soon tackled the Southern and Northern California scenes. Their guest appearances on radio stations like San Francisco's KSJO and San Diego's KIOZ furthered their momentum. This pushed them to expand eastward, always with an eye toward the horizon: the east coast and international markets.
Riding the still successful album, Facing Down, their music is reaching a whole new group of fans. At the same time the crowd is hearing unreleased Daemos tracks live and clamoring for more. Then again anyone who's gone to a show in California, Arizona or Vegas has met a loyal Daemos street teamer handing out samplers featuring the Iodine demo.
The first taste of the new Daemos sound, Iodine has set the tone for new tracks. Mirrorz is a bit of a departure for the group, continuing where the last album left off. Room 512 ended the last album on a more somber note with layers of acoustic guitars and hand drums, though it still had a heavy heart. Mirrorz expands on the lush harmonies and competing strings blending into the heavy groove Daemos is known for.
Again Daemos bent another direction with the hushed verses beginning Into Another. A chugging rhythm suddenly breaks into a spastic verse that somehow holds together. Pushed almost to the point of snapping, Daemos pieced together their latest cut, Canvas of Streams. With the addition of a baritone guitar, three voices intertwine over a chaotic bed of music. Hidden in the cracks, Canvas is driven by a new bass.
"I generally tend to play more with the drums than the guitar...which is how I think bass should really be." Bassist Jake Benke has really brought the new tracks to life, adding an energy to the group that will undoubtedly be felt in the crowds. Along with drummer Kevin Wood, Jake has formed a solid foundation.
"We are a live band…and we'll always be." - Victor Baddour, singer/guitarist for Daemos. The band is reformed and back on the road. After intense sessions preparing the new songs, they were unleashed on Arizona and California. "It always good to be on the road. It's almost feels like home." - Eric Nunes guitarist/singer for Daemos.

Участники группы Daemos

Текущий состав:
Victor Baddour (Основатель). Роль в группе: Guitar/Vocals
Eric Nunes (Основатель). Роль в группе: Guitar/Vocals
Jake Benke (Основатель). Роль в группе: Bass,Backing vocals
Kevin Wood (Основатель). Роль в группе: Drummer


nothing: Facing Down (2001) Студия: RoyalTone Studios in Hollywood/ DML Studios in Escondido. Трэклист.
nothing: Summer 2004 Sampler (2004) Студия: RawDog Studios. Трэклист.

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