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Style: Redneck Metal
Year of birth: 2000
Country: USA
Views: 5389. Updated: 06 January, 2007 by 1

Biography of Band

This energetic, powerhouse, but as yet unsigned band have already been touted as "The Kings of Redneck Metal", whilst being widely regarded throughout the music industry, with endorsements from such bands as UFO, Nazareth and Motorhead.

Based in Ohio, USA this original threesome is hitting the UK in July / Aug, starting off at Rock and Blues Festival, with the likes of UFO, Antiproduct, Vixen, Classic Whitesnake, The Quireboys and many more. Then they will be tearing up the UK touring extensively during early August.

This premiere UK tour also coincides with the their fifth album release "Foamin' at the Mouth - Live" and also falls in line with the Bad Reputation release of the Best Rock-n-Roll Tribute to Motorhead ...EVER!!! This inclusion of American Dog to the album was on the insistence of the army of Motorhead fans who follow every step of the American Dog Boys.

I've recently had confirmation that American Dog will be featured in the June copy of Classic Rock, including editorial, interview and listings. This will also include their inclusion on the free cd issued with the magazine, featuring an American Dog cover of a classic Led Zep track.
This cd will include other name bands doing the same as a special Led Zep tribute. This was confirmed today by Scott Rowley (Chief Editor) and he has also confirmed an Interview, Editorial and Gig Listing of the UK Tour to coincide with the DS Promotions full National advertising campaign, via Kerrang Magazine + Classic Rock editorial.

The band is also heavily supported by Dave Ling (Classic Rock) & Alan Burridge (President of the Motorhead Official Fanclub), who will be circulating flyers in their April copy of the Motorhead fan club publication (Motorheadbangers)

Members of American Dog

Current Members:
Michael Hannon. Role: Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Steve Theodo. Role: Guitar & Vocals
Keith Pickens. Role: Drums & Vocals


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