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Style: Thrash Metal
Year of birth: 1982
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

The band had several earlier names: Tyrant, Tormentor(1982-1984) and others.

Actually, KREATOR's history is generally well known. Everyone, who has followed the metal scene of the last ten years, has come in contact with KREATOR in one way or another.

KREATOR was founded in a rehearsal room in Essen/Germany in 1983. Their debut album `Endless Pain' was released in 1985. `Endless Pain' found instant echo within the newly formed boundaries of the growing Metal scene.

The channeled, explosively aggressive energy of the band perfectly matched the lifestyle of it's fans. The years 1987, 1988, and 1989 brought us `Pleasure To Kill', `Terrible Certainty' and `Extreme Aggression'. Three albums which earned KREATOR it's reputation as the most creative European Trash combo and opened the door to KREATOR's next triumph.

KREATOR is one of the few European Metal Bands which can claim world wide success. The band completed an extremely successful tour through Australia, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Moscow and Czechoslovakia. Not to mention five U.S.A. tours.

KREATOR, who had now grown to an internationally renown band, released their fourth album `Coma Of Souls' in 1991, `Coma Of Souls' was to become not only a huge success, but rang in the high point of the Trash Metal era.

At the end of October 1992, KREATOR released their fifth album `Renewal'. The line-up, Mille Petrozza (git/voc), Rob Fioretti (bass), Frank Gosdzik (git), and Jurgen `Ventor' Reil (drums) together with Tom Morris (Producer) had retreated to Morrissound Studios in Florida to bring forth an album which proved to be, openly, an experimental adventure in comparison to KREATOR's earlier works.

With `Renewal' KREATOR demonstrated their potential for growth and musical transformation. The release of `Renewal' was followed by a long European Tour. Six albums in just seven years had taken It's toll. The band's creative energies had reached an all time low. It was time for a break. Time to think things over, to work out band internal problems. Time to refuel.

KREATOR began recording their seventh album in March 1995. 'Cause For Conflict' was released at the end of August. The upcoming album 'Scenario Of Violence' is a summary of the German Trash heroes' history. Along with remixes of KREATOR's classics there will be two new songs and previously unreleased live recordings.

In the period 1997-2000, they have released 2 albums ('Outcast' & 'Endorama') , 2 compilations ('Voices Of Transgression' & 'Past Life Trauma') and a CD-single ('Chosen Few'). Kreator seemed to have changed their style with the release of 'Endorama'. 'Endorama' was an experimental album. It contained gothic and industrial elements.

In 2001 they have released their latest album 'Violent Revolution'. It must have been the best comeback-album of the year. 'Violent Revolution' has taken the fans' hearts by storm with this album!

They have just finished their America tour and they are now working on their live CD/DVD...

Members of Kreator

Current Members:
J?rgen Reil (Ventor) (Founder). In Band at: 1982 - . Role: Drums, Vocals
Miland Petrozza (Mille) (Founder). In Band at: 1982 - . Role: Vocals, Guitar
Side projects: ex-Voodoocult
Sami Yli-Sirni?. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Brainwash, Grip Inc., In Rags, Jimsonweed, Kyyria, Tiamat, Waltari
Christian Giesler. In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Bass
Past Members:
Roberto Fioretti (Rob) (Founder). Period: 1982 - 1994. Role: Bass
Michael Wulf (Guest). Period: 1986 - 1986. Role: Guitars, one show only
Side projects: ex-Sodom
Jorg Trzebiatowski (Tritze). Period: 1986 - 1989. Role: Guitars
Joe Cangelosi. Period: 1994 - 1996. Role: Drums
Side projects: Whiplash, Massacre
Frank Gosdzik (Blackfire). Period: 1989 - 1997. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Mystic (Bra), ex-Sodom, Videa
Tommy Vetterli. Period: 1996 - 2001. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Clockwork, Coroner
Andreas Herz. Period: 1992 - 1995. Role: Bass
Tilo Wolf (Guest). Role: Vocals on Masquerade
Side projects: Dreams Of Sanity, Lacrimosa


Demo: Blitzkrieg (1983) Tracklist.
Lineup: J?rgen Reil - Drums, Miland Petrozza - Guitars, Roberto Fioretti - Bass
Comment: The first Tormentor recording before Kreator.
Demo: End of the World (1984) Tracklist.
Lineup: J?rgen Reil - Drums, Miland Petrozza - Vocals, Guitars, Roberto Fioretti - Bass
Demo: Rehearsal (1984) Tracklist.
Lineup: J?rgen Reil - Drums, Miland Petrozza - Guitars, Roberto Fioretti - Bass
CD: Endless Pain (1985) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Ventor - Drums, vocals, screams, Mille - Guitars, vocals, Rob - Bass
Demo: Rehearsal - 1985 (1985) Tracklist.
EP: Flag Of Hate (1986) Studio: Noise. Tracklist.
Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Guitars, vocals, J?rgen Reil - Drums, vocals, Rob Fioretti - Bass
Comment: US version included 3 bonus tracks - "Endless Pain" "Tormentor" and "Total
Death". This EP came out before Pleasure to Kill, and re-releases of that LP
have these as bonus tracks (thus, 9, 12 and 15 song versions of Pleasure to
Kill exist.)
CD: Pleasure to Kill (1986) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Guitars, vocals, J?rgen Reil - Drums, vocals, Rob Fioretti - Bass
Comment: Reissue has the "Flag of Hate" EP as bonus tracks, both the 3 and the 6 song
version (see the "Flag of Hate" section).
There is also a picture disc version of this album, called "After the Attack"
with the new title track as song 10.
EP: Behind The Mirror (1987) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Guitar, Vocals, J?rgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums, Rob Fioretti - Bass, J?rg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski - Guitar
CD: Terrible Certainty (1987) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Reissued with "Out Of The Dark, Into The Light" EP as bonus tracks.
EP: Out of the Dark... Into the Light (1988) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Comment: The early American version comes in a 12" cardboard box.
The original European version only contained the first 5 songs - the tracklist
shown here reflects the CD version.
CD: Extreme Aggression (1989) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Guitars, Vocals, J?rg Trzebiatowski - Guitar, Rob Fioretti - Bass, J?rgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums
Split: Trashing East Live (1990) Tracklist.
Lineup: Kreator, Tankard, Sabbat (UK), Coroner
Comment: One of the first metal concerts in the German Democratic Republic.
Kreator 1-4
Tankard 5-7
Sabbat (UK) 8-10
Coroner 11-13
CD: Coma of Souls (1990) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: J?rgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums, Vocals, Miland "Mille" Petrozza - Guitar, Vocals, Roberto "Rob" Fioretti - Bass, Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik - Guitar
Demo: Renewal (1991) Studio: Independent. Tracklist.
Comment: This tape contains the first version of "Winter Martyrium", which is a totally
different song than the album-version. This song can be found from the ?Past
Life Trauma? compilation titled as "Trauma". The vocals on the Renewal demo
were more ?Coma Of Souls? style than what they became on the final recording.
CD: Renewal (1992) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Comment: This is the first "experimental" Kreator album, introducing noticable elements
of industrial and hardcore.
Single: Isolation (1995) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
Single: Lost (1995) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
CD: Cause For Conflict (1995) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
Compilation: Scenarios Of Violence (1996) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Single: Leave This World Behind (1997) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
CD: Outcast (1997) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
Compilation: Voices Of Transgression - A 90`s Retrospective (1999) Studio: G.U.N. Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Inferno and As We Watch the West were previously unreleased.
Lucretia (My Reflection) was written and composed by Andrew Eldritch.
Single: Chosen Few (1999) Studio: Drakkar Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Guitar, Vocals, J?rgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums, Christian Giesler - Bass, Thomas Vetterli - Guitar
Promo: Endorama (1999) Studio: Drakkar Records. Tracklist.
CD: Endorama (1999) Studio: Drakkar Records 1999. Tracklist.
Compilation: Past Life Trauma (2000) Studio: Noise Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Tracks 5, 8, 9, 15 are rare.
CD: Violent Revolution (2001) Studio: Steamhammer / SPV. Tracklist.
Comment: The limited edition digipack (10000 copies) contains the bonus track "Violent Revolution" (demo) (5:56).
Live CD: Live Kreation (2003) Studio: Steamhammer / SPV. Tracklist.
Comment: Also released as limited boxset containing this 2CD, a poster and the DVD "Revisioned Glory".
Bonus material on it features:

-The Video History-
18. Toxic Trace (video clip)
19. Betrayer (video clip)
20. People Of The Lie (video clip)
21. Renewal (video clip)
22. Lost (video clip)
23. Isolation (video clip)
24. Leave This World Behind (video clip)
25. Endorama (video clip)
26. Chosen Few (video clip)
27. Violent Revolution (video clip)

Bonus Videos (live at With Full Force festival)

28. Flag Of Hate
29. Tormentor
- 16 pages Deluxe colour booklet

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