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Style: Sympho Black Metal
Year of birth: 1993
Country: Norway
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Biography of Band

Limbonic Art was formed, and existed for a short period of time with a four-member line-up. Daemon, who is the inventor of Limbonic Art, and the only original member, met with Morfeus when the old line-up went separate ways, and a new project was born. Daemon and Morfeus became the Limbonic Art we know today:
Daemon: Lead vocal, guitars, and nocturnal poetry;
Morfeus: Electronics, lead guitars, and additional vocals.

The band recorded and released a rehearsal tape containing four tracks of symphonic Black Metal.

A new rehearsal tape was developed, this time five tracks in the same musical vein. Nocturnal Art Prod. became interested, and offered a deal after a hearing of the two rehearsal tapes. A contract was made in the spring.

1996, and an official promo tape was released by N.A.P. shortly after. In the autumn the band recorded and released their now well-known debut album "Moon in the Scorpio", which led to great recognition in the extreme metal scene worldwide. Limbonic Art are now seen as one of the best new bands to come out of the Norwegian extreme metal scene in a long time. The band has been given great reviews and great media attention in general in major metal/gothic press wordwide.

Release album "The Ultimate Death Worship".

Summer, 2003.
Limbonic Art is dead.

Members of Limbonic Art

Current Members:
Vidar Jensen (Daemon) (Founder). Period: 1993 - 2003. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Side projects: Infinite Decay, Zyklon, Sarcoma Inc.
Krister Dreyer (Morfeus) (Founder). Period: 1993 - 2003. Role: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Side projects: Dimension F3H, Echoes Of Death, Immemoreal
Past Members:
Anne Aasebo (Morgana) (Guest). Role: Female Vocals on "Moon in the Scorpio", "In Abhorrence Dementia"
Lizbeth (Guest). Role: Female Vocals on "In Abhorrence Dementia"
Per Eriksen (Guest). Role: Drums on Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death
Side projects: Hades, Tornerose
Attila Csihar (Guest). Role: Vocals on "The Ultimate Death Worship"
Side projects: Aborym, Mayhem, Anaal Nathrakh, Finnugor, Kaos Logic, Keep Of Kalessin, Korog, Northpole, Plasma Pool, Tormentor


Promo: Rehearsal'95 (1995) Tracklist.
Lineup: Daemon, Morfeus
CD: Moon in the Scorpio (1996) Studio: Bondi Lydstudio. Tracklist.
Lineup: Daemon, Morfeus, Morgana
Comment: Recorded at Bondi Lydstudio
Produced by Anders G. Offenberg Jr. & Limbonic Art
Engineered by Anders G. Offenberg Jr.
Photo by Morgana
Additional vocals by Morgana
Cover art by Morpheus
CD: In Abhorrence Dementia (1997) Tracklist.
Lineup: Daemon, Morfeus, Morgana, Elizbeth
CD: Epitome of Illusions (1998) Studio: Pete`s Place. Tracklist.
Comment: This release is comprised of rerecordings of material from the band's pre-label demos.
CD: Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death (1999) Tracklist.
Vinyl Boxed Set: Chronicles of Limbo (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: "Chronicles of Limbo" is a special vinyl edition which contains six picture LP and poster.
Box was released by Hammerheart Records and contains "Moon in the Scorpio" "In Abhorrence
Dementia" , "Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death" and some extra not published before tracks.
Boxed Set: Volume 4 (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: mited box that contains four remastered cds : "Moon in the Scorpio" "In Abhorrence Dementia" "Epitome of Illusions"
"Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death" and also all bonus songs from "Chronicles of limbo" vinyl (over 45 minutes of new material
for those who don't have LPs ) . Box was released by Hammerheart Records. Except cd's there is small booklet that
contains Limbonic Art biography, some comments to every release, some photos and paintings ( made by Morfeus ).
Box doesn't look as good as it could be but if you are LA fan it is a must have for you ! (box is limited to 5 000 copies).
CD: The Ultimate Death Worship (2002) Tracklist.

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