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Style of Byaxis Style: Black Metal Progressive Death Me Black / Death Metal Black metal Death atmospheric black Melodic Black Metal Death / Doom Metal black-grind raw black atmospheric black Power / Progressive trash metal war black avantgarde death; sympho black black progressive rock Black Metal Black Metal / Pagan Metal Melodic Death Metal Black / Death Melodic Doom Death Metal Progressive Metal Black Metal / Death Metal Black Metal Melodic Metal Power Metal Black Metal Heavy Metal Sympho Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Viking BlackThrash Metal Black / Death Metal Celtic Pagan Black Metal Black Metal Brutal Death / Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Doom / Death Metal Hardcore Heavy Metal Black Metal Black / Doom / Gothic metal Black Metal Black metal Speed / Power / Heavy Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Death Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Black / Death Metal Thrash Metal Black Metal Death Metal Progressive Black Metal Power Metal Doom / Gothic / Progressive Brutal Death Metal Death Metal Death / Grind Black Metal Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy / Power Metalcore Ambient Black Pagan Metal Progressive Metal
Year of birth of Byaxis Year of birth: 2002
Country of Byaxis Country: USA

Biography of Band

July 2002 was whenit all began. Guitarist Shannon Sharp & bassist Justin Hoffman of the prominent Seattle band, Suffergauge, plus drummer Clint Clark of the legendary Seattle-based band, Heir Apparent, were called upon to record a track for an upcoming metal compilation CD. The challenge was to take musicians, who had never met, stick them in the studio, & have them write & record a track in four hours. During the session, it was evident that there was an extraordinary amount of chemistry there, unlike anything they had experienced before. Shannon & JustinТs astonishing blend of hyper-technical riffs & superb techniques melded seamlessly with ClintТs punishing over-the-top barrage of polyrhythmic flair. Four hours later, a three-minute track of sheer sonic brutality was on tape. This day would change their lives forever. After leaving the studio, all three were amazed by this experience & wanted to begin working together immediately. Formed completely by accident, the guys had found the musical soulmates they had been searching for. BYAXIS was born. A month later, all three left their respective bands to pursue BYAXIS full time.

The goal of BYAXIS was to assemble a group of extremely seasoned and versatile musicians in order to create some of the most groundbreaking & diverse metal the world has ever heard. The band only had one rule: There are NO rules! Although firmly rooted in all forms of metal, BYAXIS also draws extensively from other genres such as jazz, fusion, & progressive rock/metal. Basically, it was about finding people who could play pretty much anything & at the same time, incorporate those various influences to produce chaotic, yet beautifully brutal, music. 20 vocalist auditions later, Enter Dan Goodrich. Dan blew everyone away with his dynamic combo of brutal & melodic vocal stylings, and his clockwork delivery of syncopated phrasings.

With their debut show scheduled for September 6th & an upcoming CD, BYAXIS is set to unleash their unique style of progessive metal onto the masses.

In January 2004 it was announce that the band would be taking a hiatus as their bass player Justin Hoffman admitted himself into an Alcohol Treatment program after having struggled with alcoholism.

Members of Byaxis

Current Members:
Dan Goodrich. In Band at: 2003 - . Role: Vocals
Shannon Sharp. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Guitars
Michael Lewin. In Band at: 2003 - . Role: Guitars
Justin Hoffman. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Bass, Vocals
Clint Clark. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Drums
Passed Members:
Deadly Kristin. Period: 2003 - 2003. Role: Vocals
Kirk Meredith. Period: 2002 - 2003. Role: Guitars


CD: TBA (2004)

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