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Year of birth of Gorgoroth Year of birth: 1992
Country of Gorgoroth Country: Norway

Biography of Band

When we talk about Black Metal in its traditional and old school way, we may go back for one decade, when especially in Norway a new scene started to form and develop. It was the time when Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem and Immortal came up with their first records and created a completely new feeling about Black Metal, inspired by legendary bands such as Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory. At around the same time, another unique, raw and aggressive band was formed under the Tolkien inspired band name Gorgoroth. Like in Lord Of The Rings; Gorgoroth stands for a complete dark and unholy place. The band never compromised and followed their own way since their foundation in 1992. With their sixth and newest record Twilight of the Idols Gorgoroth once more demonstrate why they belong to the elite of Norwegian Black Metal and continue to set new standards even today. Its an unholy creation of the black, occult and satanic way, for which Gorgoroth is famous for. They always stayed true to and connected with the Underground, remaining far away from becoming commercial, always true and honest with themselves.

In 1994 Gorgoroth released their cult album Pentagram and soon became one of the leading acts of the growing scene. Antichrist, their follow-up release, was even more successful and featured Frost (Satyricon) on drums. The album made a strong impact and consequently led to the bands first live performances in Norway and England (with Cradle of Filth) and finally to their first tour in 1996 with Dissection and Satyricon. With yet another drummer in their ranks, Gorgoroth recorded Under The Sign Of Hell and later prepared their first European Headliner-Tour. Nuclear Blast was highly impressed and felt a desire to court the band; by 1998 Gorgoroth had been added to Nuclear Blasts official band roster. The first result of this new marriage was Destroyer. The band now featured Gaahl on vocals, whose grim and aggressive voice led them to another level. A tour with Cradle of Filth followed, as well as plenty of festival and headlining shows. In 2000 Incipit Satan was recorded at Sunlight Studios and showed a new era in the realm of Gorgoroth. The songs, while a bit more refined and far more mature, still maintained their custom unyielding bestiality.

It took another three years, until the follow up to Incipit Satan was recorded. After the departure of guitar player Tormentor, Gorgoroth continue on as a four piece, adding another guitar player when it comes time for touring and live shows. Twilight of the Idols shows Gorgoroth from several sides and could possibly be the darkest chapter in their career. Finally it is traditional Black Metal of Norwegian origin, performed by the ones who know how it works and who do it the best.

Members of Gorgoroth

Current Members:
Gaahl. Role: Vocals
Infernus. Role: Guitar
King ovHell. Role: Bass
Kvitrafn. Role: Drums
Passed Members:
Samoth. Role: bass
Ares. Period: 1996 - 1998. Role: Bass
Tormentor. Period: 1996 - 2002. Role: Guitars
Daimonion. Role: keyboards
Sjt. Erichsen. Role: Drums
Frost. Role: Drums
Goat Pervertor. Period: 1992 - 1994. Role: drums
Grim. Period: 1996 - 1997. Role: drums
Hat. Period: 1992 - 1996. Role: vocals
Kjettar. Role: Bass
Pest. Role: vocals
T-Reaper. Role: vocals
Vrolok. Role: Drums
Storm. Role: Bass
Erlend Erichsen (Sersjant). Role: drums


Demo: A Sorcery Written in Blood (1993) Tracklist.
CD: Pentagram (1994) Tracklist.
MCD: The Last Tormentor (1996) Tracklist.
CD: Antichrist (1996) Tracklist.
CD: Under The Sign Of Hell (1997) Tracklist.
CD/PD: Destroyer (1998) Tracklist.
CD: Incipit Satan (2000) Tracklist.
CD: Twilight Of The Idols (2003) Tracklist.

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