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Style of Immolation Style: Black Metal Progressive Death Me Black / Death Metal Black metal Death atmospheric black Melodic Black Metal Death / Doom Metal black-grind raw black atmospheric black Power / Progressive trash metal war black avantgarde death; sympho black black progressive rock Black Metal Black Metal / Pagan Metal Melodic Death Metal Black / Death Melodic Doom Death Metal Progressive Metal Black Metal / Death Metal Black Metal Melodic Metal Power Metal Black Metal Heavy Metal Sympho Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Viking BlackThrash Metal Black / Death Metal Celtic Pagan Black Metal Black Metal Brutal Death / Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Doom / Death Metal Hardcore Heavy Metal Black Metal Black / Doom / Gothic metal Black Metal Black metal Speed / Power / Heavy Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Death Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Black / Death Metal Thrash Metal Black Metal Death Metal Progressive Black Metal Power Metal Doom / Gothic / Progressive Brutal Death Metal Death Metal Death / Grind Black Metal Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy / Power Metalcore Ambient Black Pagan Metal Progressive Metal Brutal Death / Gore Metal Black Metal Melodic Black Metal doom Doom / Stoner Metal Black / Death Metal Blues / Heavy Metal Black Metal Gothic Metal folk metal Black Technical death / grind Sympho Black Progressive Death Melodic death Black Black Thrash Black Metal Black Melodic Death Melodic Death Gothic Metal Black Metal Black Metal Grindcore Melodic Death Metal Hard Rock Death Black Death Black Melodic Death / Folk Metal Sympho Black Metal Heavy, Power Gore Death Metal Black Metal Avantgarde Doom Black / Thrash Metal Progressive Metal Power Viking Metal Melodic Black / Death Metal Black Heroic-Folk-Metal Black / viking metal Funeral Doom Heavy / Black / Death Doom Thrash Symphonic Death / Black Metal Heavy Power metal Viking Death / Industrial Folk / Black Metal fast black Anglo-Saxon pagan-black Sympho Power Metal Black / Doom Metal Power Black Metal Black Metal Power / Speed Metal Black Metal Industrial / Death / Grindcore Black Metal Black Metal Progressive Metal / Rock Heavy / Trash Doom / Sympho Black Metal Death / Grind Nu Metal heavy / power metal Brutal Death Metal Pagan Black Metal Power Heavy Black Metal Brutal Death Metal Brutal death metal Brutal Death Power / Thrash Metal Melodic Black Death / Black
Year of birth of Immolation Year of birth: 1988
Country of Immolation Country: USA

Biography of Band

In 1988, Immolation formed from the remains of Robert Vigna's and Tom Wilkinson's previous band, Rigor Mortis (NY-1986). The line-up was secured with the addition of Ross Dolan (bass/vocals) and Neal Boback (drums). Immolation released two studio demos including the songs "Immolation" and "Dawn of Possession". The releases gained them worldwide underground recognition and label interest. Immolation signed with Roadrunner in late 1990 and planned to record their debut LP, "Dawn Of Possession". Six weeks before the scheduled recording the band separated with drummer Neal Boback. Craig Smilowski stepped into play session drums for the album and became a full time member shortly after the record was completed in 1991. After touring the US and Europe, Immolation and Roadrunner Records mutually parted ways. Immolation immediately set out promoting themselves once again throughout the underground and playing shows. With the signing to Metal Blade records, Immolation unleashed the brutal devastation of "Here In After". Craig Smilowski left the band shortly thereafter, however replaced by ex-Fallen Christ drummer, Alex Hernandez. Five tours followed in support of Here in After and further broadened their devout fellowship. Immolation brought forth the almighty "Failures For Gods" in 1999! And on Nov 7, 2000, the highly anticipated, "Close To A World Below" was unleased! Catch them at a show near you soon!

Members of Immolation

Current Members:
Ross Dolan (Founder). In Band at: 1988 - . Role: Bass, Vocals
Bill Taylor. In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Guitar
Robert Vigna. In Band at: 1988 - . Role: Guitar
Passed Members:
Thomas Wilkinson. Period: 1988 - 2004. Role: Guitar
Alex Hernandez. Period: 1996 - 2004. Role: Drums
John McEntee. Role: Guitar
Neal Boback. Period: 1988 - 1991. Role: Drums
Craig Smilowski. Period: 1991 - 1996. Role: Drums


Demo: Demo I (1988) Tracklist.
Demo: Demo II (1989) Tracklist.
Single: Holocaust / Warriors of Doom (1990) Studio: Seraphic Decay. Tracklist.
Comment: Still under the Rigor Mortis monicker.
CD: Dawn Of Possession (1991) Studio: Roadrunner Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Re-released in Feb of '04 on Polish label Metal Mind
Demo: 1994 Promotional Demo (1994) Studio: Metal-Core Management. Tracklist.
Compilation: Stepping On Angels...Before Dawn (1995) Studio: Repulse Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Compilation of demos and live tracks.
CD: Here In After (1996) Studio: Metal Blade Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Craig Smilowski - Drums, Ross Dolan Bass - Vocals, Robert Vignaud - Guitar, Thomas Wilkinson - Guitar
CD: Failures For Gods (1999) Studio: Metal Blade Records. Tracklist.
CD: Close To A World Below (2000) Studio: Metal Blade Records. Tracklist.
Lineup: Alex Hernandez - Drums, Ross Dolan Bass - Vocals, Robert Vignaud - Guitar, Thomas Wilkinson - Guitar
CD: Unholy Cult (2002) Studio: Listenable Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Available in limited edition slipcase CD and limited LP
DVD: Bringing Down the World (2004) Studio: Listenable Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Tracks 1-9: Live in Amsterdam
10-11: Live in Tilburg
12-17: Live in Paris
18-23: Live in LA
24 - video

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