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Style of Unearthly Style: Black Metal Progressive Death Me Black / Death Metal Black metal Death atmospheric black Melodic Black Metal Death / Doom Metal black-grind raw black atmospheric black Power / Progressive trash metal war black avantgarde death; sympho black black progressive rock Black Metal Black Metal / Pagan Metal Melodic Death Metal Black / Death Melodic Doom Death Metal Progressive Metal Black Metal / Death Metal Black Metal Melodic Metal Power Metal Black Metal Heavy Metal Sympho Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Viking BlackThrash Metal Black / Death Metal Celtic Pagan Black Metal Black Metal Brutal Death / Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Doom / Death Metal Hardcore Heavy Metal Black Metal Black / Doom / Gothic metal Black Metal Black metal Speed / Power / Heavy Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Death Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Black / Death Metal Thrash Metal Black Metal Death Metal Progressive Black Metal Power Metal Doom / Gothic / Progressive Brutal Death Metal Death Metal Death / Grind Black Metal Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy / Power Metalcore Ambient Black Pagan Metal Progressive Metal Brutal Death / Gore Metal Black Metal Melodic Black Metal doom Doom / Stoner Metal Black / Death Metal Blues / Heavy Metal Black Metal Gothic Metal folk metal Black Technical death / grind Sympho Black Progressive Death Melodic death Black Black Thrash Black Metal Black Melodic Death Melodic Death Gothic Metal Black Metal Black Metal Grindcore Melodic Death Metal Hard Rock Death Black Death Black Melodic Death / Folk Metal Sympho Black Metal Heavy, Power Gore Death Metal Black Metal Avantgarde Doom Black / Thrash Metal Progressive Metal Power Viking Metal Melodic Black / Death Metal Black Heroic-Folk-Metal Black / viking metal Funeral Doom Heavy / Black / Death Doom Thrash Symphonic Death / Black Metal Heavy Power metal Viking Death / Industrial Folk / Black Metal fast black Anglo-Saxon pagan-black Sympho Power Metal Black / Doom Metal Power Black Metal Black Metal Power / Speed Metal Black Metal Industrial / Death / Grindcore Black Metal Black Metal Progressive Metal / Rock Heavy / Trash Doom / Sympho Black Metal Death / Grind Nu Metal heavy / power metal Brutal Death Metal Pagan Black Metal Power Heavy Black Metal Brutal Death Metal Brutal death metal Brutal Death Power / Thrash Metal Melodic Black Death / Black Death / Black Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Folk Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy Gothic Rock / Doom Metal Black Metal Heavy Symphonic progressive rock Melodic Death Metal Power / Progressive Death Metal Doom / Death / Suicide Rock Symphonic progressive rock Heavy / Black Hard Rock Progressive Power Metal Thrash Metal Hard `n` Heavy Gothic / Doom Metal Gothic Gothic Gothic Metal Groove metal / Metalcore Hard Rock Black Metal Sympho Black Metal Progressive Rock / Metal Death / Thrash Metal Black Metal Heavy / Thrash / Industrial AOR Ebmient / Industrial Death Metal Black Metal Thrash / Death / Grind Metal Black / Gothic Metal Harsh Grind / Death Thrash Metal Atmospheric Dark Metal Melodic Death / Gothic Black Metal Melodic Black Metal Progressive / Neoclassical Folk / Celtic Metal Heavy Metal Melodic Death Metal Industrial Power Metal Black Metal Thrash / Speed Metal Black / Doom / Thrash Metal Melodic Death / Black Metal Black Metal Viking / Folk Metal Grind-Noise Black / Folk Metal Gothic Doom Death Doom-Death Black Metal Death Metal ambient / darkwave / gothic Heavy metal Death / Doom / Gothic Doom Gothic Metal Thrash Black Black Metal Death / Melodic Black Metal Grindcore / Brutal Death Black Black Black / Grind / Death / Trash death metal Death Death / Thrash Power metal Sympho black-death / dark Black Thrash Metal melodic death Progressive Death / Doom Raw Black Metal Doom Death Heavy Industrial Metal Thrashcore Doom Melodic Metal Progressive / Hard-rock Doom Heavy / Power Industrial Heavy Metal Doom Power / Progressive Black Symphonic Power Metal Black / Death Heavy Doom Death Techno Death Black Hard Rock Heavy / Hard rock Death Thrash / Death Metal Funeral doom Heavy / Power Heavy Death Pagan Metal Thrash Nu Thrash Death Thrash Power Melodic Black Metal Power Black Punk rock Atmospheric pagan black Nu Folk Thrash Gothic / Doom Melodic Death / Post-Thrash Metal Black / Industrial Gothic / Industrial / Doom Death Metal / Symphonic Folk / Black Gothic / Hard rock Gothic / Doom Gothic Atmospheric Black Black Metal Darkwave Ambient Thrash Metal Black / Industrial / Folk / Electronica Black Metal Raw Black Metal Doom Metal Death Metal Death / Doom / Thrash / Heavy Metal Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal Death Metal Brutal Death Metal Black Metal
Year of birth of Unearthly Year of birth: 1998
Country of Unearthly Country: Brazil

Biography of Band

The black metal horde Unearthly started as a trio in the final days of the year 1998, with Lord Thoth (V/G), M. Mictian (B) and L. Simões (D). Some months later, Simões left the band, wich caused Unearthly to start looking for a new drummer. The time passed and Unearthly found Inferiis, who played drums for other band, but even still agreed to join Unearthly for drumming. At that time Kaften (G) and Hysrucs Midgard (K) also joined the band.
With this line-up, the band started playing in some gigs and then, in the year 2000, their entered in studio to record their first CD-demo "Blessed Are The Destroyers Of False Hope". This excellent CD-demo received great reviews in the most important fanzines, magazines, radio shows, etc., from around the world. Also, it was very well apreciated by the fans. With this recording, Unearthly opened to itself the gates that led to the title of brazilian black metal elite. Unearthly played in several gigs and festivals gaining more and more recognition from the audience.
Then, a year after the release of their first CD-demo (wich was already sold out), the band decided to enter once again in studio, to release what would be its second CD-demo, this time with Leghor Supay on the drums, who was playing with Unearthly for almost a year at that time, since Inferiis left Unearthly short after the release of the first CD-demo.
The CD-demo "Living Under The Sign Of Blasphemy" was released and the brazilian underground black metal scene shaked!
The reviews were awesome. Some magazines printed things like: "why is Unearthly still an unsigned band?"; "This is the best black metal band in the country!", and things like that. In 2001, Uneartlhy even was voted as "possible best new band for 2002" by the editor in chief of Rock Brigade Magazine (biggest Metal magazine in Latin America).
A few record labels started to show more interest, and Unearthly decided to sign with Encore Records to release their debut full-length CD "Infernum - Prelude To A New Reign".
Before starting the recordings for that CD, Kaften, who was playing lead guitar in Unearthly since the first CD-demo, was asked to leave the band, the reasons were mainly personal problems and ideology differences between him and the rest of the band members.
So the "Infernum - Prelude To A New Reign" CD was recorded with only Lord Thoth on the guitars. The CD was officially released in july/2002, and was destined to be enormously successful. After the release of "Infernum - Prelude To A New Reign", Unearthly found a new guitar player, his name is Thyrr, and is now a full-time member of the band.
"Infernum - Prelude To a New Reign" was very well accepted by the black metal scene, the reviews were amazing, so the north american record label Crash Music (former Pavement/USA) started to show interest and decided to release "Infernum - Prelude To A New Reign" in north american version. The north american version of the album was released by Crash Music in january/2003.
After this, Unearthly was nominated for the "Masters Of The Beast" internet award, given every year by the "And Heavy Metal For All" website. The categories in which Unearthly was nominated were: Best New Band, Best Cd ("Infernum - Prelude To A New Reign") and Best Song ("Days Of Storm For Christian Souls").
Also, the band appeared in the top 10 list of the best CDs of 2002, made by the editor in chief of the Rock Brigade magazine.
Then, Unearthly also appeared in the list of top 10 CDs of one of the writers of Valhalla magazine. And after that, Unearthly appeared as one of the top 10 most voted bands, in the votings of fans to decide the best metal acts in the year 2002, the votings appeared in various metal magazines (including Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew, the two biggest metal magazines in Brazil). The categories in which Unearthly was voted, among others were: Best Brazilian Band, Brightest Hope, Best Drummer, Best Keyboards player, and more (more details about it in the NEWS section)...
After a few concerts, because of some personal problems, Hysrucs Midgard was destined to leave the band in a friendly way. The band then recruited Hostis Daemonium to take over the keyboards machinery for the band

Members of Unearthly

Current Members:
Agares. Role: Vocals
Thyrr. Role: Guitars
Alexander Woden (A Amazarak). Role: Guitars
M. Mictian. Role: Bass
Leghor Supay. Role: Drums
Passed Members:
Kaften. Role: Guitars
L. Simхes. Role: Drums
Inferiis. Role: Drums
Scyllas. Role: Drums
Hysrucs Midgard. Role: Keyboards
Hostis Daemonium (Venis Literis). Role: Keyboards


Demo: Blessed Are The Destroyers Of False Hope... (2000) Tracklist.
Demo: Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy (2001) Tracklist.
CD: Infernum - Prelude to a New Reign (2002) Tracklist.
Comment: The Song "Battle for the Destruction of Hypocrisy's Empire" is divided into 3 parts (track 8-10)
CD: Black Metal Commando (2003) Tracklist.

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