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Style of Unmoored Style: Black Metal Progressive Death Me Black / Death Metal Black metal Death atmospheric black Melodic Black Metal Death / Doom Metal black-grind raw black atmospheric black Power / Progressive trash metal war black avantgarde death; sympho black black progressive rock Black Metal Black Metal / Pagan Metal Melodic Death Metal Black / Death Melodic Doom Death Metal Progressive Metal Black Metal / Death Metal Black Metal Melodic Metal Power Metal Black Metal Heavy Metal Sympho Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Viking BlackThrash Metal Black / Death Metal Celtic Pagan Black Metal Black Metal Brutal Death / Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Doom / Death Metal Hardcore Heavy Metal Black Metal Black / Doom / Gothic metal Black Metal Black metal Speed / Power / Heavy Metal Black / Thrash Metal Black / Death Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Black / Death Metal Thrash Metal Black Metal Death Metal Progressive Black Metal Power Metal Doom / Gothic / Progressive Brutal Death Metal Death Metal Death / Grind Black Metal Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy / Power Metalcore Ambient Black Pagan Metal Progressive Metal Brutal Death / Gore Metal Black Metal Melodic Black Metal doom Doom / Stoner Metal Black / Death Metal Blues / Heavy Metal Black Metal Gothic Metal folk metal Black Technical death / grind Sympho Black Progressive Death Melodic death Black Black Thrash Black Metal Black Melodic Death Melodic Death Gothic Metal Black Metal Black Metal Grindcore Melodic Death Metal Hard Rock Death Black Death Black Melodic Death / Folk Metal Sympho Black Metal Heavy, Power Gore Death Metal Black Metal Avantgarde Doom Black / Thrash Metal Progressive Metal Power Viking Metal Melodic Black / Death Metal Black Heroic-Folk-Metal Black / viking metal Funeral Doom Heavy / Black / Death Doom Thrash Symphonic Death / Black Metal Heavy Power metal Viking Death / Industrial Folk / Black Metal fast black Anglo-Saxon pagan-black Sympho Power Metal Black / Doom Metal Power Black Metal Black Metal Power / Speed Metal Black Metal Industrial / Death / Grindcore Black Metal Black Metal Progressive Metal / Rock Heavy / Trash Doom / Sympho Black Metal Death / Grind Nu Metal heavy / power metal Brutal Death Metal Pagan Black Metal Power Heavy Black Metal Brutal Death Metal Brutal death metal Brutal Death Power / Thrash Metal Melodic Black Death / Black Death / Black Metal Black / Death Metal Grindcore / Death Folk Metal Melodic Death Metal Heavy Gothic Rock / Doom Metal Black Metal Heavy Symphonic progressive rock Melodic Death Metal Power / Progressive Death Metal Doom / Death / Suicide Rock Symphonic progressive rock Heavy / Black Hard Rock Progressive Power Metal Thrash Metal Hard `n` Heavy Gothic / Doom Metal Gothic Gothic Gothic Metal Groove metal / Metalcore Hard Rock Black Metal Sympho Black Metal Progressive Rock / Metal Death / Thrash Metal Black Metal Heavy / Thrash / Industrial AOR Ebmient / Industrial Death Metal Black Metal Thrash / Death / Grind Metal Black / Gothic Metal Harsh Grind / Death Thrash Metal Atmospheric Dark Metal Melodic Death / Gothic Black Metal Melodic Black Metal Progressive / Neoclassical Folk / Celtic Metal Heavy Metal Melodic Death Metal Industrial Power Metal Black Metal Thrash / Speed Metal Black / Doom / Thrash Metal Melodic Death / Black Metal Black Metal Viking / Folk Metal Grind-Noise Black / Folk Metal Gothic Doom Death Doom-Death Black Metal Death Metal ambient / darkwave / gothic Heavy metal Death / Doom / Gothic Doom Gothic Metal Thrash Black Black Metal Death / Melodic Black Metal Grindcore / Brutal Death Black Black Black / Grind / Death / Trash death metal Death Death / Thrash Power metal Sympho black-death / dark Black Thrash Metal melodic death Progressive Death / Doom Raw Black Metal Doom Death Heavy Industrial Metal Thrashcore Doom Melodic Metal Progressive / Hard-rock Doom Heavy / Power Industrial Heavy Metal Doom Power / Progressive Black Symphonic Power Metal Black / Death Heavy Doom Death Techno Death Black Hard Rock Heavy / Hard rock Death Thrash / Death Metal Funeral doom Heavy / Power Heavy Death Pagan Metal Thrash Nu Thrash Death Thrash Power Melodic Black Metal Power Black Punk rock Atmospheric pagan black Nu Folk Thrash Gothic / Doom Melodic Death / Post-Thrash Metal Black / Industrial Gothic / Industrial / Doom Death Metal / Symphonic Folk / Black Gothic / Hard rock Gothic / Doom Gothic Atmospheric Black Black Metal Darkwave Ambient Thrash Metal Black / Industrial / Folk / Electronica Black Metal Raw Black Metal Doom Metal Death Metal Death / Doom / Thrash / Heavy Metal Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal Death Metal Brutal Death Metal Black Metal Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Symphonic Folk / Black / Power Metal Death Metal Black Metal Black Death Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Avantgarde Metal Death / Thrash Metal Thrash Metal Death Metal Progressive Death Metal
Year of birth of Unmoored Year of birth: 1993
Country of Unmoored Country: Sweden

Biography of Band

In winter of 1993, guitarist/vocalist Christian Alvestam, guitarist Rickard Larsson and bassist Torbjorn Ohrling decided to put their own death metal band together and it was not long before Unmoored went with all sails set. A couple of songs were made and recorded, even though the trio were suffering from the absence of a drummer and consequently had to tape the whole thing with the poor help from a drum-machine. The demo entitled "Wood Chuck Tune" turned out to be more of a pointer in the individual process of developing and expanding the musical elements, rather than a self-evident milestone.

Not until the spring of 1995 a drummer was recruited and with the line-up now complete a new demo called "In The Shadows Of The Obscure" was recorded in the summer that same year. It showed a more progressive side of the band, containing less brutality than its predecessor. Instead the quartet tried to focus more on dynamics and harmonies this time around, experimenting with a view to musically ripen, but still they felt like there was something missing.

After some soulsearching months the material for the third and final demo to date, "More To The Story Than Meets The Eye", slowly but surely started to come about. Being recorded and released in the summer of 1997, the demo was generally very well received. It got the band contracted and in the winter that same year, "Cimmerian" was recorded at Sunlight studios under the engineering eye of Tomas Skogsberg. An album summoning up all the past efforts of combining death metal with thrash and heavy metal. For various reasons the album was delayed and wasn`t released through Pulverised Records, until the early summer of 1999. During this time the band went through some critical, as well as important changes. They parted way with drummer Niclas Wahlen, among other things. Luckily Jocke Pettersson, co-producer of "Cimmerian", was willing to help out. With his skilled technique and experience gained from drumming in bands, such as Thy Primordial and Dawn, he reinforced the band in the preparations for their second album, entitled "Kingdoms Of Greed". It was recorded and produced by Tommy Tatgtgren at the Abyss studios during two isolated weeks in October 1999. A quite intense work of art, way more brutal then its predecessor, yet without lacking the significant melodic atmosphere "Cimmerian" consisted of to a great extent. The album was released in the summer the following year and has to date been very well received all around the world.

In the beginning of 2001, Henrik Schonstrom joined the band as their new drummer. With the line-up now once again complete, a few gigs were made, before guitarist Rickard Larsson and bassist Torbjorn Ohrling felt they had played out and therefore chose to call it a day, in the summer of 2001. Shortly after their resignation, Tomas Johansson was recruited as the band`s new solo-guitarist, turning the remaining duo into a trio.

Since the deal with Pulverised Records had been finished off for quite some time, preparations were made for a new promotional recording, with a view to try, finding a new suitable label. A promo, simply going under the name of "Promo 2001", was recorded at a local studio, in the late summer of 2001. It contains two new songs, still consisting of all the elements developed throughout the years, a bit more progressive and dynamical this time around though. After months of negotiating with major labels, unable to make up their craving-for-money-minds, a deal was made with the somewhat smaller, but way more dedicated and determined Italian label Code666.

Members of Unmoored

Current Members:
Christian Alvestam (Founder). In Band at: 1993 - . Role: Guitars, vocals
Thomas Johansson (Guest). In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Guitars, producer
Henrik Schonstrom (Guest). In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Drums
Passed Members:
Rickard Larsson (Founder). Period: 1993 - 2001. Role: Guitars
Torbjorn Ohrling (Founder). Period: 1993 - 2001. Role: Bass
Niclas Wahlen (Guest). Period: 1995 - 1998. Role: Drums


CD: Cimmerian (1999) Tracklist.
CD: Kingdoms Of Greed (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: After the last song there is silence, then a hidden song lasting 4:11
CD: Indefinite Soul-Extension (2003) Tracklist.

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