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Band: Helloween / Album: Treasure Chest /

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1. Mr. Torture
2. I Can
3. Power
4. Where The Rain Grows
5. Eagle Fly Free
6. Future World
7. Metal Invaders
8. Murderer
9. Starlight
10. How Many Tears
11. Ride The Sky
12. Halloween
13. A Little Time
14. A Tale That Wasn't Right
15. I Want Out
16. Keeper of The Seven Keys
17. Dr. Stein
18. The Chance
19. Windmill
20. Sole Survivor
21. Perfect Gentleman
22. In The Middle of a Heartbeat
23. Kings Will Be Kings
24. Time Of The Oath
25. Forever & One
26. Midnight Sun
27. Mr. Ego
28. Immortal
29. Mirror Mirror

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