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Band: Sodom / Album: One Night In Bangkok /

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1. Among The Weirdcong. Live
2. The Vice Of Killing. Live
3. Der Wachtturm. Live
4. The Saw Is The Law. Live
5. Blasphemer. Live
6. Sodomized. Live
7. Remember The Fallen. Live
8. I'm The War. Live
9. Eat Me!. Live
10. Masquerade In Blood. Live
11. M-16. Live
12. Agent Orange. Live
13. Outbreak Of Evil. Live
14. Sodomy & Lust. Live
15. Napalm In The Morning. Live
16. Fuck The Police. Live
17. Tombstone. Live
18. Witching Metal. Live
19. The Enemy Inside. Live
20. Die Stumme Ursel. Live
21. Ausgebombt. Live
22. Code Red. Live
23. Ace Of Spades. Live
24. Stalinhagel. Live
25. mong The Weirdcong

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