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Band: Venom / Album: From Heaven To The Unknown /

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1. Welcome To Hell
2. Witchin' Hour
3. Angel Dust
4. Red Light Fever
5. Black Metal
6. Buried Alive
7. Teacher's Pet
8. Countess Bathory
9. Don't Burn The Witch
10. At War With Satan
11. Rip Ride
12. Cry Wolf
13. Women Leather And Hell
14. Satanachist
15. Possessed
16. Mystique
17. Too Loud For The Crowd
18. In League With Satan
19. Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)
20. Bloodlust
21. In Nominae Satanas
22. Die Hard
23. Acid Queen
24. Bursting Out
25. Warhead
26. Lady Lust
27. 7 Gates Of Hell
28. Manitou
29. Dead Of The Nite
30. Dead On Arrival
31. Hounds Of Hell
32. Bitch Witch
33. Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip)
34. Black Metal
35. Snots Shit

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