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Группа: Sinner / Альбом: Emerald - Very Best Of Sinner /

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1. Danger Zone
2. The Shiver
3. Shadow in the Night
4. Wild Winds
5. Emerald
6. Bad Girl
7. Shout!
8. The Storm Broke Loose
9. Too Late to Runaway
10. Hypnotized
11. Faster Than Light
12. Rebel Yell
13. Lost in a Minute
14. Don't Tell Me
15. Playing With Fire
16. Concrete Jungle
17. Knife in My Heart
18. Everybody
19. Back in My Arms
20. Gipsy
21. Chasing My Dreams
22. Burning Heart
23. Respect
24. Fire in the Dark
25. Modern World
26. When Silence Falls
27. The Biggest Lie
28. We'll Make it Allright
29. Rage of a Hurricane
30. Dead End Street
31. White Lightning
32. Used to the Truth
33. Judgement Day
34. A Question of Honour
35. The Nature of Evil
36. Calm Before the Storm

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