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Band: Macabre Omen / Album: None Shall Escape The Wrath /

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1. Embers Of Passage (Krieg)
2. A Crumbling Shrine (Krieg)
3. Thrones Of Wrath (Krieg)
4. Ceremonial Inversion (Krieg)
5. Intro (Eternal Majesty)
6. Soyons Les Pierres Du Temple Noir (Eternal Majesty)
7. Pandaemonium (Eternal Majesty)
8. Under The Sign Of Evil (Eternal Majesty)
9. Babylon In Ruin (Judas Iscariot)
10. Unholy Victory (Judas Iscariot)
11. In Den Qualen Der Helle (Judas Iscariot)
12. The Cold Earth (Judas Iscariot)
13. Outro (Judas Iscariot)
14. Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen (Macabre Omen)
15. We Won With War (Macabre Omen)

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