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Biography of Band

The first complete PESSIMIST lineup was formed in early 1993. After recording the "Dark Reality I & II" demos in '93/94,
the lineup was solidified to include founding members Kelly McLauchlin (guitars) and Rob Kline (vocals), along with
brothers Chris Pernia (drums) and Tony Pernia (bass). This became to be known as the "original" lineup. The band played
their first few shows opening for bands such as Deicide, Incantation and Suffocation...and later went on to record their
1995 EP "Absence of Light" and "Let the Demons Rest" promo in 1996.

The following year PESSIMIST signed to Lost Disciple Records and released their self-produced 1997 debut CD, "Cult of the
Initiated", catapulting onto the global Death Metal scene and receiving acclaim in dozens of zines around the globe and
underground radio airplay worldwide.

The band became recognized for their unique brand of brutal and technical Black/Death Metal, with old-school thrash
influences, an emphasis on quality songwriting, and a dark, evil sound.

PESSIMIST has played many shows for their loyal masses of bloodthirsty fans, sharing the stage with legndary bands such
as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Immolation, Vader, Nile, Cryptopsy, Incantation, Krisiun,
Monstrosity, Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Dying Fetus, Angelcorpse, Testament and Napalm Death.

In 1999 PESSIMIST released their brutal follow-up "Blood for the Gods" CD, again on Lost Disciple Records which soared
into the CMJ National Top 20 Loud Rock Charts and received the coveted "Pick of the Issue...10 Fucking Skulls!" in SOD
Magazine. That same year the band recorded for several tribute CDs: Kreator (Full Moon Prod), Megadeth and Death (Dwell

The band went on to appear at nearly every major US Fest: Milwaukee Metal Fest, Ohio Deathfest, New England Metal &
Hardcore Fest, NJ Metal Meltdown and the "November to Dismember" Metalfests in TX and CA.

Later that year PESSIMIST completed their first European Tour of Czech Republic and Germany with Fleshless and Godless

In 2000 PESSIMIST was honored to be chosen by Metal Blade Records as the first finalist in the MetalSearch2000 contest on This year also saw the band endure several potentially fatal but necessary lineup changes. This could have killed
many bands, however by mid-2000 PESSIMIST had completely re-invented itself, in its most lethal incarnation thus far...

Original members Rob Kline, Chris and Tony Pernia went on to form Psychotogen, and were eventually replaced by Ralph
"Reaper" Runyan (bass/vox), and former Fear Of God members Bill Hayden (guitars) and John Grden (drums).

With the debut of the new lineup at CA's November to Dismember 2000, PESSIMIST re-signed to Lost Disciple Records to
release their 3rd CD, "Slaughtering the Faithful" and enlisted the talents of Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal) to
produce the album. Released in 2001, this CD is regarded as the most brutal and intense music ever recorded in the history
of the band.

In January of 2003, PESSIMIST founder/guitarist Kelly McLauchlin joined forces with former Diabolic members Aantar Lee
Coates, Paul Ouellette, and Jerry Mortellaro to form a new band, UNHOLY GHOST. The band quickly signed to Century
Media/Olympic Recs, and released a debut CD, "Torrential Reign". Although UNHOLY GHOST achieved a moderate amount of
success, in Feb. 2005 (just two years after its formation) Kelly announced he would leave the band, in order to once again
continue on with Pessimist full-time.

PESSIMIST is currently in the writing stages for the next release.

Members of Pessimist

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