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Style: Power / Progressive
Year of birth: 1997
Country: Netherlands
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Biography of Band

The band have been started by formerly Last Restraint guitar players Tom Heemskerk and Fred Mantel in 1997. They searched for other members and found Yick Fung (bass), Michel Heemskerk (drums) and Frans Doodeman (vocals). There has been worked on the first Reviver songs during this beginning period. Besides that Reviver contributed to the Desolate Productions compilation CD with the songs "Hitman" and "Renewal".

In 1998 Reviver released the same-titled debut MCD including 5 tracks. The MCD resulted in good critics from the international press. The good response of the MCD resulted into a lot of concerts in Holland, including a tour with Lessness from Belgium and another tour with heavy metal band Battleheart.

In 2000 Reviver recorded a 2-track promo to contribute to 2 compilation CD`s. Both compilation CD`s are released in 2001:
- Heavy Metal Maniacs fanclub CD
- Power Records Compilation CD

Besides the recordings there have been done some live performances, including a position on the Heavy Metal Maniacs-festival in Hoorn, together with Vengeance, Sad Iron and Goddess of Desire.

During the recordings of the 2-track promo and the gig in Hoorn it became clear that vocalist Frans Doodeman couldn`t keep up with the progress of Reviver. Fred and Tom decided to search for another vocalist. Drummer Mich and bassplayer Yick decided to leave Reviver for the same reasons, they couldn`t cope with the progress of Reviver.

In 2001 Tom and Fred searched for other bandmembers and found Ron van Kuringen (ex-Battleheart, ex-Sacremental Sachem) on bass. Drummer Brian Kersbergen (ex-Screaming Orgasm, ex-Dust) completes the rhythm section. Profound-vocalist Pieter Bas Borger contributed for the vocals on the new recording: the promo MCD "Gates of Time". This recording resulted in very good critics. There were a lot of very positive reviews in magazins like "Heavy Oder Was", "Rockhard" and "Aardschok". Besides the great reviews, Reviver contributed to the Heavy Oder Was compilation CD "Metal Crusade III" with the song "Cycles". This CD has been released with 35.000 copies of the Heavy Oder Was mag.

At the end of 2001 Reviver was visitting the Metal Maniacs festival in Hoorn. One of the bands (Martyr) did have a bass player with frontman and vocalist capabilities: Toine vander Linden (Martyr, Jewel, Picture, Hot Legs, Wildride). He did some wild things and great backing vocals. Reviver contacted Toine for being the new Reviver singer. After a jam session it became clear that Toine is a real frontman.

In April 2002 drummer Brian Kersbergen left Reviver, due to his growing activities for his graphical design company. New drummer for Reviver is Tom van Veenhuijzen. Tom and Tom already played together for 5 years during the Forever Mortal period. Besides Reviver, Tom is playing in Noctumbre. Reviver is glad with the talented new drummer! The first performances are already done in the new line-up. Also, the band is working on new material.

In 2002 Reviver did a lot of shows in Holland, examples are the Metal Heart festival in W2 Den bosch and the Jamrock festival in Zeewolde. It was a great time doing all those shows, together with vocalist Toine van der Linden. Unfortunately the cooperation between Toine and Reviver came to an end when Patrick van Maurik (Montany) was available for Reviver. Reviver came under pressure, because Patrick has always been seen as the ideal Reviver vocalist.

After the split in Montany, Patrick van Maurik became the new Reviver vocalist in November 2002. Patrick`s Midnight/Geoff Tate-style of singing perfectly fits with the metal of Reviver!

In the beginning of 2003, drummer Tom injured his arms due to RSI. Activities like concerts have been stopped for a while to give Tom the time to recover.

In May 2003 Reviver played on the Metal Maniacs festival in Germany.

In June 2003 the new promotion MCD "Osiris Eyes" has been released.

After releasing the promotional MCD "Osiris Eyes" in 2004, the band was signed by German label Remedy Records. The first full lenght Reviver album will be released in March 2005. The recordings and mix are done in Steelworks Studio, Holland. The master of the album is done by Piet Sielck (Iron Saviour) at Powerhouse Studio in Hamburg, Germany. The album sounds as a true Reviver album, heavy metal fans who like metal in the style of Crimson Glory and Iron Maiden will be pleased with this release.

Besides the studio album, Reviver concentrates on playing live regular.

Members of Reviver

Current Members:
Patrick van Maurik (Guest). In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Vocals
Fred Mantel (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Last Restraint
Tom Heemskerk (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Last Restraint, Forever Mortal
Tom van Veenhuijzen (Guest). In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Drums
Stefan Brederode (Guest). In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Bass
Side projects: Montany
Past Members:
Ron van Kuringen (Guest). Period: 2001 - 2004. Role: Bass
Yick Fung (Guest). Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Bass
Michel Heemskerk (Guest). Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Drums
Frans Doodeman (Guest). Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Vocals
Brian Kersbergen (Guest). Period: 2001 - 2002. Role: Drums
Pieter Bas Borgerv (Guest). Period: 2001 - 2001. Role: Vocals
Toine van der Linden (Guest). Period: 2002 - 2002. Role: Vocals


MCD: Reviver (1998) Studio: The true metal studio. Tracklist.
Lineup: Frans S Doodeman, Tom Heemskerk, Fred Mantel, Yick Fung, Mich Heemskerk
Promo: 2 Track promo (2000) Studio: Steelworks studio. Tracklist.
Lineup: Frans S Doodeman, Tom Heemskerk, Fred Mantel, Yick Fung, Mich Heemskerk
MCD: Gates of Time (2001) Studio: Steelworks studio. Tracklist.
Lineup: Pieter Bas Borger, Tom Heemskerk, Ron van Kuringen, Brian Kersbergen, Fred Mantel
MCD: Osiris Eyes (2003) Tracklist.
Lineup: Patrick van Maurik, Tom Heemskerk, Fred Mantel, Ron van Kuringen, Tom van Veenhuijzen
CD: Reviver (2005) Studio: Steelworks Studio. Tracklist.

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