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Style: Viking Black Metal
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Norway
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Biography of Band

Inspired by local acts like Einherjer and Enslaved, the band Ulvhedin was formed back in 1994, in Haugesund, Norway. With Ulvhedin being the fourth Viking Metal band to emerge from this area, Haugesund have to be the capital of this genre. Ulvhedins predecessors, Enslaved, Einherjer and Thundra are well established acts and in time I`m sure that Ulvhedin will cope with their likes...... Ulvhedin was formed by John Lind - guitar & vocals, Helge Garder - bass, Oystein Rossebo - guitar and Leif H. Helgesen - drums. After a while the drummer and the second guitarist decided to leave the band. John and Helge, the founders of the band, decided to put Ulvhedin on ice until they could get somebody with the right attitude to fill the empty space of those who left. It was not until 1998 Ulvhedin was back on track with a new and stronger line up. The two newcomers were Are Gjerde - drums and Sigvald Carr - vocals. Ulvhedin music developed to a higher level and they entered a local studio to record their first demo entitled "Gnipahellir". "Gnipahellir" was produced by Christian Velde and Ulvhedin and later remixed by Pytten in Grieghallen Studio.The demo was very well recieved and lead to a deal with Native North Records. Most of the music of Ulvhedin is written by John and Are and the lyrics are done by a close friend of the band. With their metal music combined with the medieval strength it holds, Ulvhedin are a great contribution to the already strong Viking Metal scene in Norway. Their debut album, "Pagan Manifest" was recorded in Grieghallen Studio, with Pytten as producer, in September and the release is scheduled for november / december 2000 red

Members of Ulvhedin

Current Members:
John Lind (Founder). In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Guitars, vocals
Side projects: Einherjer
Helge Garder (Founder). In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Bass
Sigvald Carr (Guest). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Vocals
Are Gjerde (Guest). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Drums, synth
Side projects: Kukrigerene
Past Members:
Oystein Rossebo (Founder). Period: 1994 - 1995. Role: Guitars
Leif H. Helgesen (Founder). Period: 1994 - 1995. Role: Drums


Demo: Gnipahellir (1998) Tracklist.
CD: Pagan Manifest (2004) Studio: Grieghallen. Tracklist.
Comment: Recorded in September of 2000, but It was released only in 2004 by "Einheit Produktionen"

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