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Стиль: Progressive Death
Страна: Netherlands
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Биография группы

Hailing from the Netherlands and inspired by the extreme death-, black- and thrash-metal cult of the eighties and early nineties, Xenomorph
took off somewhere in the mid/late nineties to wander the worlds of obscure sounds and magic.
Hard-hitting music combined with dark enigmatic lyrics is the game of this mystic industry which operates
under the name of Xenomorph; a miscreant’s name that stands for misanthropy, nihilism and total darkness.

At a certain point in time, by some referred to as the beginning of the third millennium, Xenomorph
recorded their full-length album “Baneful Stealth Desire”. This first serious recording effort captures a most
dreadful atmosphere as a vigorous metal onslaught on Compact Disc. Haunted by morbid fascinations, visions and nightmares,
Xenomorph raises the dead on this one; electrifying the air with inexorable chaos and aggression.

The album “Baneful Stealth Desire” was released in April 2001 by System Shock Records (Ger).

Prior to all this, Xenomorph experimented with different sounds, concepts and ideas to develop into what they have become.
Examples of that are the rare demos “Carnificated Dreams pt. I & II” which recordings later were released as a strange freak
limited edition CD under the name of “Acardiacus” by Teutonic Existence Records (NL) in 1997.
With all this experimentation, practising and live-performing over the years, Xenomorph has become an experienced,
tight-playing live-band which can blow the fucking roof off anytime, anywhere.

In 2002 Xenomorph went on an extensive european tour together with Master (USA), Krabathor (Cze) and Trauma (Pol) under the banners
of “System Shock over Europe” and “Death Comes to your Town”. Later, in 2003, Xenomorph got serious reinforcement by mr.
Vince Dissect, the man behind cult death metal underground legend Dissect (NL).

Currently Xenomorph is working on a new album to follow-up “Baneful Stealth Desire”. This album will be called
“Necrophilia Mon Amour” and is scheduled to be released early 2005.
Forecasts are that“Necrophilia Mon Amour”will be a groundbreaking death metal onslaught bringing the genre to a
new level of terror, malice and sheer brutality.

For the future, Xenomorph will remain focused on spreading furious and obscure sounds among the masses.
Taking on the challenge of being creatively progressive without betraying the authentic death-, black- and thrash-metal cult.

Участники группы Xenomorph

Текущий состав:
Jasper A.. Роль в группе: Bass
Marc Bomber. Роль в группе: Drums
Remco Kreft. Роль в группе: Guitars
Peter S.. Роль в группе: Vocals
Vincent Scheerman. В группе с: 2002 - . Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Sexorcist
Бывшие участники:
Ciro Palma. Период: 1994 - 1997. Роль в группе: Drums
Coert Zwart. Период: 1994 - 2002. Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Compos Mentis, Terraforce


Demo: Carnificated Dreams (1994) Трэклист.
Demo: Passion Dance (1995) Трэклист.
Compilation: Acardiacus (1997) Студия: Teutonic Existence Records. Трэклист.
Состав: Peter Spies - vocals, Coert Zwart - guitar, Remco Kreft - guitar, Dennis Van Driel - bass, Ciro Palma - drums
Комментарий: This album is a compilation of the Xenomorph demos Carnificated Dreams and
Passion Dance.
CD: Baneful Stealth Desire (2001) Студия: System Shock Records. Трэклист.
CD: Necrophilia Mon Amour (2005) Студия: System Shock. Трэклист.

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