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Year of birth: 1999
Country: Sweden
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Biography of Band

The LEGION saw the darkness of night in late 1999, when several line-up changes in the black metal band Tyrant craved for a new name. Back then the band consisted of Svartz(guitar/vocals), Tiwaz(guitar), Ahrijan(bass) and Emil Dragutinovic(drums).

Early 2000, quartet recorded their debut demo “Bloodaeons”. This four track blasterpiece of cold and grim black metal gained very good response when it was released later the same year. Neodawn Productions(GER) helped the band out, printing and distributing the tape, which by now has sold over 1500 copies.

In 2001 the band went through some major reformations. Early this year, Hammarstr?m joined the band on vocals, since Svartz wanted to fully concentrate on his guitar playing. Some months later, Ahrijan was replaced by Lazr on bass guitar.

In April 2002 The LEGION entered Los Angered Recording together with legendary Andy LaRocque engineering. Four new furious songs were recorded and three of them ended up on the 7" red vinyl "Awakened Fury" released onNeodawn Productions / Ketzer Records in 666 hand-numbered copies.

In early January 2003 Hammarstr?m parted with the band due to personal reasons. Several auditions were arranged and executed until The LEGION finally decided to recruit formerly unknown Anders F?ldt on vocals.

In June 2003, a CD version of “Awakened Fury” was unleashed by Deepsend Records.(US),containing all four songs from the Los Angered- session plus“On Swift Wings” from the “Bloodaeons” demo.

Having barely received the “Awakened Fury” CD:s from the printing plant, The LEGION went off to famous Abyss Studios in late June 2003 to record the debut album “Unseen To Creation”, set for release this autumn by Listenable Records (FR).

Members of The Legion

Current Members:
Lars. Role: Bass
Svartz. Role: Guitars and backing vocals
Anders. Role: Vocals
Dragutinovic. Role: Battery
Tiwaz. Role: Guitars and Effects


Demo Cassette: Bloodaeons (2000) Studio: Backbone Studio. Tracklist.
Comment: Engineered by Patrik Jonsson
Mixed and mastered by Tiwaz and LEGION
All music by Svartz and LEGION
All lyrics by Svartz
Cover art by Christofer Blanco
MCD: Awakened Fury (2001) Studio: Los Angered Recordings. Tracklist.
Comment: Engineered by Andy LaRocque
Produced by The LEGION
Mixed and mastered by Tiwaz and The LEGION
All music by Svartz and The LEGION
Cover art by Jon Zig
Released by Deepsend Records
CD: Unseen to Creation (2003) Studio: Abyss Studio. Tracklist.
Comment: Produced by The LEGION and Tommy T?gtgren
Engineered and mixed by Tommy T?gtgren
Drumtracks recorded at Art Deacy Studio by Tiwaz
Mastered at Digitalfabriken by Tomas Ferngren and The LEGION
All music by Svartz and The LEGION
All arrangements by The LEGION
Bandphoto by Hampus M?rk, logo by Svartz
Booklet layout by Svartz
Cover art by Kris Verwimp
Released by Listenable Records

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