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Style: Black Death
Year of birth: 1993
Country: Sweden
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Biography of Band

Diabolical Masquerade is the side project of Katatonia guitarist Blackheim who wanted to have a band where he could compose more extreme music while Katatonia were exploring more mellow moods. Diabolical Masquerade could be seen as the follow-up to the first couple of releases of Katatonia. In early September 2004 it was announced that Blackheim had put the project to sleep after not having found the necessary inspiration while working on a fifth album.

Members of Diabolical Masquerade

Past Members:
Dan Swanö (Guest). Role: Vocals, drums, keyboards, guitars
Side projects: Dan Swanö, De Infernali, Edge Of Sanity, Karaboudjan, Maceration, Mörk Gryning, Nightingale, Odyssey, Overflash, Pan-Thy-Monium
Blackheim (Founder). Period: 1993 - 2004. Role: Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, drums
Side projects: Bloodbath, Katatonia


CD: Ravendusk In My Heart (1996) Studio: Adipocere. Tracklist.
CD: The Phantom Lodge (1997) Studio: Adipocere. Tracklist.
CD: Nightwork (1998) Studio: Avantgarde Music. Tracklist.
CD: Death's Design: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2001) Studio: Avantgarde Music.

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