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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Macedonia
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Biography of Band

The main idea of the band is propaganding of "macedonian patriotism".
Originally from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia they now reside in Australia.

Interestingly, Gorgoroth was born in Australia and not in Macedonia: his parents fled the country more than 35 years ago

Members of Baltak

Current Members:
Gorgoroth. Role: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Side projects: Avathalor, Buio Omega
Lord of Aeveron. Role: Drums
Past Members:
Alexander. Period: 1995 - 1998. Role: Bass, Guitar
Steve the Mechanix. Period: 1994 - 1996. Role: Drums
Nigel Chad. Period: 1996 - 1997. Role: Drums


CD: Macedonian Darkness And Evil (1995) Tracklist.
CD: Zaginatiot Grad (The Lost City) (1997) Tracklist.
Comment: This 2nd recording contains a booklet ( 20 pages) with the history of Macedonia.
The translation of the songs is so:
1 - Dead
2 - Burning In Fire
3 - My Time Has Come
4 - In Battle
5 - World War
6 - I Will Return
7 - Magic
8 - The Lost City
CD: Kral Na Dva Svetoj (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: The name of the album is "King of Two Worlds".
The translated tracklist:
2 - Macedonia will return
3 - My Kingdom
4 - King Of Two Worlds
6 - Great War Horse
7 - Macedonian Phalanx
CD: Makedonski Boj (2003) Tracklist.
Comment: Recored in Germany with a German drummer.
The name of album in English is "Macedonian War".

EP: Macedonian legions rise! (2004) Tracklist.
Comment: Two previously unreleased 1998 tracks.
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

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