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Style: Avant Garde Black Metal
Year of birth: 1997
Country: Austria
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Biography of Band

HEIDENREICH was formed in spring 1997, by Peter K. of Abigor. During the work and completion of material for the debut CD entitled "A Death Gate Cycle", Thurisaz joined HEIDENREICH as vocalist. Because of the fact that Peter is involved with ABIGOR and Thurisaz was in AMESTIGON, the pre-judged notions of HEIDENREICH were skeptical. Many looked upon HEIDENREICH as a 'project'. But after the promo tape was recorded NAPALM RECORDS was handed a copy in June of 1997 and immediately signed the band for this release. They did not sign the band simply because the said individuals were members of already established bands, but because HEIDENREICH offers high quality black metal.

With "A Death Gate Cycle", HEIDENREICH created new atmospheres of Black Metal art-- extreme variations, with more experimental avant garde-ish sounds and vocals. The use of samples brought something new into the realms of atmospheres that HEIDENREICH's music creates.

"A Death Gate Cycle" was recorded at Tonstudio Hornix from the 20th to the 23rd of October 1997, and NAPALM released "A Death Gate Cycle" in November of 1997.

From July to December 1998 HEIDENREICH recorded "Trance Of An Unholy Union", but during the recording process several line-up changes took place: Lucia M. Faroutan (known from GRABESMOND) joined HEIDENREICH as keybaorder, while Thurisaz deceided to leave the band after the recordings for this second album. However, the band will continue... And the new album, entitled "Trance Of An Unholy Union" shows it as it's best. It leads you into the everlasting pits of hell's fire...

After the release of the second album the band parted ways with their label Napalm Records and since then the band has been put on ice.

Members of Heidenreich

Current Members:
Patrick. Role: drums
Thamus Eligor. In Band at: 1998 - . Role: vocals
Side projects: Eschaton
Peter K. (Virus666) (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: guitar, bass, keyboards
Side projects: Abigor, Hellbound
Past Members:
Thurisaz. Period: 1997 - 1998. Role: vocals
Side projects: Abigor
Lucia. Period: 1998 - 1998. Role: keyboards
Side projects: Grabesmond
Tharen. Role: keyboards
Side projects: Abigor, Dargaard, Dominion III


CD: A Death Gate Cycle (1997) Studio: Tonstudio Hoernix. Tracklist.
Lineup: Peter K., Thurisaz
Comment: Music and Lyrics by Heidenreich except 2, 4, & 6 by Tharen.
CD: Trance of An Unholy Union (1998) Studio: Tonstudio Hoernix. Tracklist.
Lineup: Thurisaz, Peter K., Lucia-M. Faroutan-K.
Comment: Recorded & mixed by Heidenreich & Georg Hrauda at Tonstudio Hoernix during 5
days in 1997.
Music by Heidenreich, except "An Incarnations Dream" by Puissance.
Lyrics by Heidenreich and JFN.

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