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Style: Folk / Celtic Metal
Year of birth: 1989
Country: Spain
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Biography of Band

Madrid based M?GO DE OZ, founded during the mid 80s, has risen rapidly to become one of Spain's premier Rock acts charting on a regular basis in the upper reachs of the national charts in both Spain and the South American continent. They mix traditional Heavy Metal with strong Celtic themes, moving from an early career Hard Rock base to distinctly heavier tones in later years.

M?GO DE OZ, created by drummer Txus, first made an impression by winning the 1992 finals of the 'Ville de Madrid' Rock contest. Their eponymous album arrived two years later. Second album, the adventurous Rock Opera 'Jesus de Chamberi' co-produced by Alberto Plaza, was released in 1996 by Locomotive Music. The resulting sold out national tour testified their status. Fans would be treated to an interesting release in 1997 as the present day band members re-recorded five tracks from the debut album, cutting these in a much heavier style.

Third album, the Cervantes' Quixote influenced conceptual piece 'La Leyenda de la Mancha' released in 1998, showcased the band's ambitious spirit including amongst the expected guitar, bass and drums bagpipes, flutes and violin sections. Touring to promote the album was extensive and M?GO DE OZ put in over 100 gigs including a headliner to over 25,000 people at the 'Vina Rock' festival. The band's 2000 single 'El Que Quiera Entender Que Entienda' included a Spanish language version, 'Pensando En Ti', of the KANSAS classic 'Dust In The Wind'.

The group issued their most elaborate album to date with 'Finisterra', a rambling 20 song workout of complex Rock including a 16 minute title track imbued with acoustic guitar, flute, violins and even accordian for maximum effect. For this outing the group added keyboard player Sergio Quisquillla and flute player Fernando. M?GO DE OZ put in their debut French show at the Paris 'NTS' festival on March 31st appearing on a strong Metal biling comprising of RHAPSODY, SHAMAN, MOB RULES and SILENT FORCE.

'The success of 'Finisterra' would be recognised in April as a limited edition lavish double album package arrived in stores. The May 2001 single 'La Danza Del Fuego' would come with an exclusive B side track, a version of RAINBOW's 'Man On The Silver Mountain' featuring a duet vocal with German Metal queen DORO. M?GO DE OZ had their version of 'Whole Lotta Love' included on the Locomotive Music LED ZEPPELIN tribute album 'The Metal Zeppelin — The Music Remains The Same'.

The band would also appear at the prestigious German Metal event 'Wacken Open Air' in August and put in an extensive run of dates of Mexico in October. In early 2004 M?GO DE OZ singer Jose Andrea established a solo project, his band comprising guitarist Jorge Sal?n, bassist Sergio Mart?nez, keyboard player Sergio "Kiskilla" Cisneros and Joaqu?n "El Ni?o" Arellano "El Ni?o" on the drums. The 2004 M?GO DE OZ release 'Belfast' saw cover versions of URIAH HEEP's 'Lady In Black', WHITESNAKE's 'Guilty Of Love' and even the 'Wizard Of Oz' favourite 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. Ex-drummer Txus would feature on the LANDEVIR album 'Sue?os Celtas', aiding in a re-arrangement of a cover version of SURVIVOR's 'Eye Of The Tiger'.

Members of Mago de Oz

Current Members:
Frank Basten. Role: Guitar
Txus. Role: Drums
Mohamed. Role: Violin
Carlitos. Role: Lead guitar
Sergio Martinez. Role: Bass
Jose Andr?a. Role: Voice & Keyboards
Quisquilla. Role: Keyboards
Fernando Ponce of Le?n. Role: Flutes
Past Members:
Salva. Role: Bass
Juanna. In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Vocals
Mar Cabello. Role: Guest vocals on "Astaroth"


CD: Mago De Oz (1994) Studio: Locomotive Music. Tracklist.
CD: Jesus De Chamberi (1996) Studio: Locomotive Music.

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