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Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

METALIUM was one of the most successful bands in 1999. Their debut release, 'Millennium Metal - Chapter One' attained the highest Media Control Chart entry in Germany which a heavy metal debut could attain. 'State of Triumph - chapter two' dispels all doubts about its sovereignty after the first listen and has left even several skeptics speechless. The lineup of the three original members, Henning Basse (vocals), Matthias Lange (guitar) and Lars Ratz (bass), are now joined by two new members which has seen Metalium morph from a project into a solid band.Appearing on the second release is former Rainbow Keyboardist Paul Morris who not only handled the keyboards but also all string and orchestration arrangements as well. Conceptually, 'State of Triumph - Chapter Two', continues the debut's story about the heroic Metalian warrior and his journey through a fascinating world full of danger and challenges which lead him to encounter other warriors, Metal gods (or goddesses) and other strange creatures.

The success story of Metalium continues with their highly awaited third studio release "Hero-Nation chapter three". Reaching a new level in both, the lyrical conception story of the Metalian as well as the musical development of the band. After 2 European tours, several Festival appearances and two successful albums behind them, the 4-piece again didn't care about trends of the scene, but still were able to make an impressive step ahead. This is the result of a natural strengthening process within METALIUM's former foundation Henning Basse (V), Matthias Lange (G) and Lars Ratz (B) during 3 years of existence, in addition with newly added Michael Ehre on drums. This line-up is the first in the bands existence, where all members as songwriters, have created a multi-layered musical journey without losing the feel for their potential Metal-Hits. Still the Sound is dominated by their typical METALIUM-ingredients such as the strong riffing, solid energy, high instrumental performance as well as Henning Basse's outstanding vocal abilities, which once more underlines his unique class in today's international Metal scene. The drama features the famous extra-ordinary award-winning German Soprano Carolin Fortenbacher with her 5 - octave range as "Juliet" which is guaranteed to give you goose bumps, complimenting Henning vocals as "Romeo". "Hero-Nation chapter three" will be completed by 2 other very special guest appearances. No other than Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, a/o.) is responsible for the tasteful Keyboard-arrangements on this record and Ken Hensley (former-Uriah Heep and writer their biggest Hits) was even able to bring a new facet into the METALIUM-Sound with his legendary original distorted Hammond-Organ sound.

"WE ARE AS ONE..." is the key message of the fourth output from this Hamburg heavy metal institution METALIUM “AS ONE –chapter four”. The title does not only describe the conceptional contents of this recording but also the stabilisation and development of the line up Henning Basse (v), Matthias Lange (g), Lars Ratz (b) and Michael Ehreґ(d) .Winning over legendary keyboardist Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, ex- Ozzy O., Whitesnake, Rainbow a.o.) to participate on laying down his trademark sounds on “As One-chapter four“ makes it obvious that it turned out to be their most multi-layered production so far.
Even content wise they headed a step forward. While at "HERO NATION - chapter three" the METALIAN Warrior travelled already through various reincarnations into most dramatic historical personalities, now its time for his female pendant METALIANA -which was created for this monumental spectacle- to live through the most spectacular moments of evil female creatures of history.
Her journey starts at the cave of Gorgone Medusa, leads to the goddess of art Athena, goes way back to the beginning of human existence to meet Pandora, before ending at Aphrodite’s drastic peak of her life time. All this is interpreted in the unique Metalium voice, surrounded by the continuation of their concept story around the Metalian and Metaliana, both worlds apart, telepathically connected, before fate will unite them at the end AS ONE !
Not only creating the Metaliana lyrically, the band gave the female warrior a voice. In the duet “Find Out” between the Metalian and Metaliana, you can hear the young Japanese Metal princess SAEKO KITAMAE from Osaka, who is introduced on "AS ONE - chapter four" for the first time to a broad audience. Be sure that metal fans can expect more great things from her in the near future!
What musically became apparent on "HERO NATION - chapter three" was taken to perfection. Razor-sharp riffs, pumping bass lines, breath-taking guitar-solos and thundering drums crowned by the indisputable world-class singing of Henning Basse, METALIUM knew how to extend their entire spectrum!
This 4-piece did not limit themselves to high-speed-tracks, but also left space for sophisticated melodies and spherical tendencies. With "ILLUMINATED (Opus One)" the band recorded for the first time a 12-minute-opus, which could have hardly reach more depth and atmosphere supported by Don Airey’s amazing synth wizardry.
With this fourth chapter of the METALIAN-saga it gets completely clear how the band matured and grew together as this formation:

Simply is "AS ONE"!!!

... to be continued ...

Members of Metalium

Current Members:
Henning Basse (Henne).
Matthias Lange. Role: guitar
Lars Ratz. Role: bass
Michael Ehre. Role: drums


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