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Стиль: war black
Год образования: 1999
Страна: Finland
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Биография группы

Annihilatus was launched some time in the apocalyptic summer 1999 by its two founding officers, War Inquisitor Serpent & T "9mm" H. The reason to put up such a war-oriented side project like this was to create raw and destructive metal which would differ from their main bands and because they both wanted to express themselves through raw and simple non-melodic metal.

The name "Annihilatus" means 'annihilation' (which should be quite obvious to all), or to be more precise, word 'annihilation' derives from it. The reason for such name lies in the concept of the band; the music and lyrics. The lyrical concept stands somewhere amidst destruction, war and anti-religiousness, meanwhile the music itself is something between old-school and primitive black metal. People have compared the music of Annihilatus to bands like Burzum, Darkthrone, Ildjarn, Destroyer 666 and even Hellhammer/early Celtic Frost with Bolt Thrower influences.

Annihilatus' first assault, a cass ep/demo tape entitled "Unholy Mass Destruction", saw daylight just before the new year's eve 1999 including 4 cruel and simple assaults of war and destruction. It was released in fall 2000 by Northern Heritage and reprinted a couple of times and thus still available via the label.

Warmachine Rasputin joined Annihilatus battallion in early 2000 to cause havoc and mayhem with his 4-string reaper and with this line-up Annihilatus' second attack, a 10" mLP named "Annihilation", was recorded in October 2000. The mLP includes 7 war-cries and was launched by Northern Heritage in spring 2001.

A couple of months before the release of "Annihilation", band's line-up got reinforced by vocalist Centurion. Band had serious problems with rehearsing rooms and thus progress got slowed down a bit. However, finally in January 2002 Annihilatus managed to record their latest manifestations of war and thus "Blood and War" was born - band's debut CD/LP. "Blood and War" took a step further towards total war and annihilation with stronger sound and more brutal songs and was unleashed by Northern Heritage in March 2002 to wreak havoc with the world.

Even though the whole band was satisfied with the album, War Inquisitor Serpent and T "B-50" H decided that it was the best for the band to continue with the original line-up and thus Centurion and Warmachine had to retire from the warband.

Reprinted "Unholy Mass Destruction" tape is still available through Northern Heritage meanwhile the mLP is sold out being limited only to 400 copies. "Blood and War" CD is out and currently available via the band and the label and LP version should be out later this year. For now Annihilatus is taking a short break before focusing on new plans of campaign. For updated info, be sure to read the latest news at

Участники группы Annihilatus

Текущий состав:
Jerry Kurunen (War Inquisitor Serpent). В группе с: 2003 - . Роль в группе: Vocals, Bass
Perdition. В группе с: 2003 - . Роль в группе: Bass, Drums
Бывшие участники:
Matti Liuke (Centurion). Период: 2001 - 2002. Роль в группе: Guitars, Vocals
Сторонние проекты: AN, Funeral Feast, Torture Killer
Taneli Hatakka (T.H. 9mm). Период: 1999 - 2003. Роль в группе: Guitars, Bass, Drums
Сторонние проекты: AN, Crimson Midwinter, Nightside, Torture Killer, Unhola
Warmachine Rasputin. Период: 2000 - 2002. Роль в группе: Bass
Beleth (Guest). Период: 2000 - 2000. Роль в группе: Drums
Сторонние проекты: Nightside


Demo: Unholy Mass Destruction (1999) Трэклист.
MCD: Annihilation (2001) Трэклист.
CD: Blood And War (2002) Трэклист.

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