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Style: Black Metal / Death Metal
Year of birth: 1992
Country: Czech Republic
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Biography of Band

The beginnings of the band go back to january 1992, as we took musical instruments into our hands for the first time and founded astaroth. During creating and exercising of first ,,songs'' line-up changed many times until it got into it� first rather long term form: petr rсmus - guit., Voc.; Honza - drums; vlсяa - bass. We renamed our band from astaroth to avenger. In late 1992 this trio began preparations of stuff for the debut recording. In march 1993 zdenьk z. Joined the band as the second guitarist and in summer 1993 all together recorded the unofficial live zero demo entitled eternal voices of hell. This demo is owned by a few maniacs only (not more than 10) as it hasn't been released because of its terrible sound quality. As a four members package we also entered club stages and even some festivals for the first time and we enjoyed very good receptions of our performations. Our playlist included songs from zero demo but also covers of krabator, debustrol, master's hammer or obituary songs. In autumn 1993 new demo was being prepared. Zdenьk left only a few weeks before recording works and avenger was made to play in three members in studio. On the 11th - 12th march we produced in hse studio our first official recording named minster of madness. It's brutal mix of death and black metal with inhuman roar. After we had arrived from studio, we sacked vlсяa, because he was totally unable to play his instrument well. He was succeeded by va�ek l., With whom another studio recording was prepared. Yet va�ek left band close before departure to studio in february 1995 and the recording of all instruments was provided only by rсmus and honza. The result was legendary second demo the black zone and avenger has been spoken more and more. This demo is more into brutal death/black metal and it made first marks in own face of band. Rest of year 1995 was the term of looking for new members. The only novice was jarda v., Who, though, hadn't enough free time to learn a repertoire and avenger stagnated a bit. Honza started to prepare his black metal project black rain, which was getting its final form in winter 1995/1996. At that time jarda was sacked from the band because of his other activities which made his interest in band be very feeble. In april black rain demo was recorded in profi studio benas on the 18th - 21st april again only by honza and rсmus. The releasing of this demo was long awaited at it came out in august 1996. Then the new avenger material was prepared. New demo shadows of the damned was recorded again in benas studio on 26th - 30th december 1996. This time honza stood in front of microphone (as he sang black rain as well) and his voice bring avenger music into new dimensions of orthodox brutal dark black/death metal. We didn't find any good co-players, that's why we started to play live with cd instead of drummer in summer 1997. In october 1997 we finally successed with finding new member. Our new bass player was crescention (ex isacaarum). Shadows of the damned demo was released in cd format under us label breath of night rcs. 1000 pcs. Press was sold out during 1/2 year. The same recording also came out under bestial rcs. (romania) as licence mc's. 1998 seems to be one of the best years in avenger's histoty, except releasing debut album rсmus did first issue of succesful 2 days open hell fest, the band had gigs in germany, belgium,... Vlasta s. (guitar) joined avenger and played his first gig in september 1998. Live shows finally reached the right brutal sound. Anyway, this line-up also wasn't for a long term. Just in the autumn 1998 crescetion had to go because he changed his musical taste and hadn't anything to do with the band at all. For a few gigs avenger used session bass player michal m. (ex - grace). In march 1999, next bass player david zэka (ex - gride, closing, martyrium christi etc.) Was finally found. Meanwhile, honza and rсmus prepared and recorded (again in benas studio) stuff of 2 nd album called fall of devotion, wrath and blasphemy. Recording works were done in november 1998, mix and mastering in january 1999. Breath of night released cd's in september 1999, but thanx to a defect in manufacturing process this press couldn't be spread. This album will hopefully officially come out in 2000 after some problems are dissolved (change the bon settlement to germany). The second issue of open hell fest was held in july 1999 and shortly after vlasta decided to leave. Avenger stopped its live shows activities, looking for some good solution of the line-up problem. This fact couldn't, however, stop other works. The band recorded covers of my dying bride and master's hammer songs during august - october 1999 (in its own 8 tracks studio called hellsound) as bonus tracks for lp/pic lp/ lp sleve version of debut album. These records should come out soon under iron pegasus rcs. (germany). Like a lighting from a bright sky new guitar player pјemek �эma (ex - grace) appeared in december 1999 he learned stuff of a new live playlist during 2 months without any problems and avenger became 4 men band again. Honza has prepared music for 3nd album godless already. The preparations of open hell fest 2000 are going on as well. Avenger has entered 2000 with the strongest line-up ever (honza - drums, voc., Rсmus and pјemek - guitars, david - bass) and with full force for destructive attack!! Join our brutal blasphemy!

Members of Avenger

Current Members:
Honza Kap?k (Emperor) (Founder). In Band at: 1992 - . Role: guitar, solo vocal
Side projects: Black Rain
Petr Mecak (Ramus) (Founder). In Band at: 1992 - . Role: guitar, back vocal
Side projects: Black Rain, Maniac Butcher
Venca Vlcek. Role: drums
Adam Ruzicka. Role: bass
Past Members:
David Z?ka. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: bass
P?emek S?ma. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: guitar
Vasek (Guest). Period: 1998 - 1999. Role: bass
Zden?k. Period: 1993 - 1993. Role: guitar
Crescention. Period: 1997 - 1998. Role: bass
Vl??a. Period: 1992 - 1994. Role: bass
Jarda. Period: 1995 - 1997. Role: bass
Vlasta. Period: 1998 - 1999. Role: guitar


Demo: Minister Of Maddness (1994)
Demo: The Black Zone (1995)
CD: Shadows Of The Damned (1996) Studio: BREATH OF NIGHT Rcs. Tracklist.
CD: Fall Of Devotion, Wrath And Blasphemy (2000) Studio: DEATHGASM Rcs.. Tracklist.
CD: Live At Open Hell Fest (2003) Studio: DEATHGASM Rcs.. Tracklist.
CD: Goddles (2003) Studio: Hellsound. Tracklist.

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