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Style: Sympho Black
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Russia
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Biography of Band

The band was formed in May 1998 by Timophey and Sarquanaar.

In October 1998 they also took a drummer and a bassist. So the first line-up of the band was complete and the band was called "More Sorrowful than Night". In that time the style of the band was a kind of a guitar based black-metal.

In November 1998 the drummer left and in December the bassist was fired. So the band included only its founders that time. Simultaniously the music started to contain some elements of melodic death-metal for making music more interesting. As the line-up wasn't finished the band didn't have any vocals parts and was looking for a vocalist.

At the end of December 1998 the band began to use some female vocals parts so singer Eugenia was taken.

In January 1999 the band started looking for a new drummer as because some material was ready that time and it became necessary to rehearse the performance. In the same time the band started to use some synths done mostly by Sarquanaar and partially by Timophey.

In February 1999 Eugenia left due to a serious disease and the band reconstructed vocals parts to screaming done by Sarquanaar. A little bit later some clean male vocals parts were added also and the band was renamed to "Wings of the Crystal Abyss".

During the period March-April 1999 the band tried several bassists and keyboard players but none of them met the needs.

But at the end of April 1999 Sarquanaar got acquainted with Lamia who started to play synths in the band and a little bit later also doing female vocals parts.

In May 1999 the band accepted new drummer Ilya and bassist Alexandr. So the it had its full line up again. As the band had the keyboard player that time the style was tranformed to a kind of guitar-based sympho black-metal.

But in June 1999 Alexandr was fired so the band was in need of a new bassist and in July 1999 Asterius has joined the band.

In September 1999 Ilya was also fired and the need of a new drummer became obvious.

In October 1999 the band has made its first ever record using computer drums which consisted of two songs. Giving this "demo" to the local concert manager the band has booked for its first ever concert and has shortened its name to "Crystal Abyss"

On 27th of November 1999 the band has given its first concert with a tremendous success even unexpected by the band members themselves.

On 24th of March the band participated in black and pagan metal part of "Painkiller Fest" held by Moscow music magazine "Painkiller" in Moscow club "U2". The performance seemed great both to the crowd and to the band in spite of the fact of some technical problems.

On 15th of April 2000 the band has played its first concert as headliners in Moscow club Sputnik. Though the performance wasn't on the very top level the crowd seemed to be pleased.

In the end of April 2000 the band started to rehearse with Gniffuts from Moscow Black metal band "Embrace of Night" as with a session concert drummer.

In May 2000 due to some serious disagreements between musicians Timophey left the band. In a short period of time he was replaced with Alex (also a member of famous Moscow pagan-black metal band "Ashen Light" ) but in August 2000 it became obvious that Alex will no longer play in the band due to some personal problems and lack of time. Nevertheless he agreed to help the band with studio work as a session musician.

In September 2000 as the concert season was opened the need of a new guitarist became clear, so the band started to rehearse with Valafar from Moscow atmospheric doom-black metal band "Radigost" as with a session guitarist for concerting.

After a month, on the 15th of October 2000 the band has played it's first concert after a half-year break taking part in "Hellfire" festival in Moscow club "Rasputnik" which was quite an outstanding event in Moscow underground scene life.

At the same time it was decided that both Gniffuts and Valafar would become full-right members of the band which completed the line up.

On tne 24th of February the band took part in "Iron March" festival held in Moscow club "Tochka" which is of much higher level than all the clubs Crystal Abyss had played till that moment. As the result the band had the sound it had never played with before.

After that the band had quite long pause in concert career. It was motived by the studio recording of the debut album which was finished in the beginning of May 2001. Newly recorded mini-album entitled "Sageness Fallen" included 5 songs. They were "First Born Snow", "Sageness Fallen", "...of Glory and Pain", "Winds of Golden Mountain Paths" and "Visions of the Past".

On the 3rd of June 2001 in Moscow club "U2" Crystal Abyss held the presentation of their creation. About 200 free tapes with the recording were given out. The crowd was quite numerous and seemed to be very pleased with the performance.

In August 2001 the line up has changed again. This time Asterius left the band due to personal reasons. A bit later Tribolosus was taken into the line up to perform as a bassist.

During fall 2001 the band had a mini-tour over some towns of Russia(probably Yaroslavl', St.Petersburg, Tula) which finished with magnificent show on the 7th of November in Moscow club "R-club", which was considered one of the greatest events in life of Russian undergrond scene for some last years.

Members of Crystal Abyss

Current Members:
Alex (Guest). In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Guitar
Side projects: Ashen Light
Sarquanaar (Founder). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Guitar, Vocal
Valafar. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Guitar
Side projects: Radigost
Lamia. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Keyboards
Past Members:
Timophey (Founder). Period: 1998 - 2000. Role: Guitar


CD: Sageness Fallen (2001) Tracklist.

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