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Style: Black
Year of birth: 1999
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

Daemonheim, the stronghold against human scum on earth, was founded in spring 1999 by Carcharoth (voice, guitars) to realise his visions of black art. In autumn of the year 2000 Hдgson (keyboards, bass) joined Daemonheim. With this line-up Daemonheim recorded in one year of sweat, blood and (truely) neverending torment their first album called "Frostnacht". And so "Frostnacht" has been released in 2001 as a self-production, limited on 100 copies (sold out).

In Winter of 2002 a new member called Seth joined the beasts on drums. But it wasn't as Carcharoth wanted to have. Hдgson wasn't able to keep up recording-sessions and the style Seth played his drums wasn't so that Carcharoth would like it. So Hдgson and Seth had to lay down their swords.

In winter of 2003 TH (ex-Wolfswinter) surprisingly joined the wolves on leadguitar and drums. Together with TH, Carcharoth continued the recordings on "Wolfschild".

In a cold night in March 2004 the recordings on "Wolfskind" were finished after eternally continuing problems on equipment and time. It took two winters to bring forth this child but it was worth to. So far "Wolfskind" was released as self-production in mid of 2004, limited on 111 copies (still available).

In January 2005 a new beast called Asakh joined the wolves for drumming. So far Daemonheim are working on their third daemonstration called "Schlachtfeld" that will be (hopefully) finished in summer of 2005. "Schlachtfeld" will be released by Black-Tower-Productions from Switzerland and will be limited on 666 copies.

Members of Daemonheim

Current Members:
Carcharoth (Founder). In Band at: 1999 - . Role: voice, guitars, bass
TH (Guest). In Band at: 2003 - . Role: guitars, drums
Side projects: Wolfswinter
Asakh (Guest). In Band at: 2005 - . Role: drums
Past Members:
Seth (Guest). Period: 2002 - 2002. Role: drums
H?gson (Guest). Period: 2000 - 2002. Role: keyboards, bass


Demo: Frostnacht (2001) Tracklist.
Demo: Wolfskind (2004) Tracklist.

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