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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE was born in 1994 by the hands of Claudio (acoustic and electric guitar), the first demo “Cold Silvery Eye”, a tape of furious and blasphemous Black-Metal, was unleashed on 1995. After this demotape, the line-up changed and the new one recorded on 1997, the second tape called “...To Exalt My Triumph”, surely better than the first work, it has characterized by more technical, aggressive and faster parts... violent Black-Metal... melodic and obscure. “...To Exalt My Triumph” received good reviews by mags and underground fanzines and it has sold more than 600 copies until now. Shortly after the second demo was released some line-up changes again: Gionata (drums/vocals), from Death-Doomsters In Extremo Spiritu (R.I.P.) (and actually also drummers of Black-Metal band Handful Of Hate) and Hermann (bass) from the Black-Metal band Hastur, joined the band on 1998.

In the same year the Italian based label Black Tears Of Death Productions offered a deal for MCD, the band recorded “Supreme Triumph In Black” MCD (out in 1999) just after several months of that proposal. The MCD received very good reviews on national mags and up a lot of underground fanzines. The release got a very good package: full color Digipack with booklet Mini-poster with quality sounds, all limited to 500 copies. In autumn ‘99, 0.4.3 Records from Hungary co-released with Black Tears Of Death Productions a Tape edition of the MCD in split with Italian Sacradis, a split-tape just for the Eastern countries. On December ’99 the band recorded their first 7”-EP titled “Revenge In Scorn”, out for Italian label Maggot Records. The Vinyl contains an acoustic intermezzo plus two new songs, both characterized by a more violent, aggressive, speed and technical approach that in past releases and it displays a new face of the band is coming…

“Revenge In Scorn”, came out on December 2000, limited to just 300 unholy copies. After the 7"-EP release some new line-up changes again: Gherardo Giannarelli (Bass) from the Death-Black-Metal Band Ares (R.I.P) joined FROSTMOON ECLIPSE. The band recorded the first album “Gathering The Dark” in 2001. This new recording comes out with a more powerful and a cleaner sound than in the past. “Gathering The Dark” contains 5 new tracks and a remake of the classic

“Dusk To Exalt My Triumph” coming from the second demo, plus 2 acoustic intros, about 35 minutes of total blackness and mayhem... “Gathering The Dark” has been released by Greek Iso666 Release (Azaghal, Barbatos, Nocternity, End, Black Death...) and contains also the whole 7”-EP as bonus tracks, all stiracly limited to 999 copies. The CD got a good world-wide distribution and a good feedback from people all around the globe, resulting one of the most killer items from the label itself. Some live gigs followed the album release, together with a session vocalist.

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE recorded two cover song during summer 2002, both for underground tribute albums: “Fallen Angel” (Bulldozer), that should be released as “The Bulldozer Armageddon Tribute 7" Vol.5” by Italian Warlord Records in split with The Meads Of Asphodel (UK); and the second track is “Spill The Blood Of The Lamb” (Judas Iscariot) that should be featured on the “To The Triumph Of Evil” 2LP Tribute spawned by the US based label Ma-Kahru Records. Both releases will be limited to 500 copies but unfortunately both labels got problems and thousand delays so we don't know exactly when those two releases will see the light.

In may 2003 FROSTMOON ECLIPSE published the long awaited second album called “Death Is Coming”: 7 songs plus an acoustic intermezzo (more than 35 minutes) that display a natural evolution of the band's trademark sound, this time a step back in melody and a step forward in aggression and musicianship. An album characterized by pure black feelings and deep death passions… once again released by Iso666 Releases. After the second album release the band decided to keep Lorenzo Sassi from Winterpath, our long time session vocalist for live shows, as a permanent member.

During some autumnal rehearshal session, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE recorded a Carnivore cover with a simple 4tx recorder for a US tribute album that should see the light in late 2004 probably in CD edition. In January 2004 Akne Productions from Slovakia reprint "Death Is Coming" on pro-done coloured tape edition, with 4 pages inlay containing band picture and lyrics... all limited to 500 copies. In January 2004, thanx to Chinese label Mort Productions, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE recorded 4 new songs for a split CD together with Ritual Day (China). The split CD came in an elegant coloured artwork and contains 4 songs each band for a total of almost 40 minutes of music. In late Autumn 2004 finally the first official tribute apparition for FROSTMOON ECLIPSE: In Memory Of An Idea Of Carnivore (Carnivore Tribute) CD is finally released by Fetch The Rope Records (USA). The tribute album contains a raw and wild "God Is Dead". The band is actually working on the 3rd album..

Members of Frostmoon Eclipse

Current Members:
Claudio Alcara (Founder). In Band at: 1994 - . Role: guitars
Gherardo Giannarelli. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: bass
Side projects: ARES
Gionata Potenti. In Band at: 1998 - . Role: drums
Side projects: Handful of hate
Lorenzo Sassi. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: vocals
Past Members:
Diego. Role: vocals/guitars
Hermann. Role: bass
Side projects: Hastur


Demo: Cold Silvery Eye (1995)
Demo: ...To Exalt My Triumph (1997)
MCD: Supreme Triumph In Black (1998)
EP: Revenge In Scorn (1999)
Split: Sacradis Infernalis / Supreme Triumph In Black (2000)
LP: Gathering The Dark (2001) Studio: Big Wave Studio.
Split: The Bulldozer Armageddon Vol. V (2002) Studio: Big Wave Studio.
LP: Death Is Coming (2003)
split MCD with Ritual Day (China): S/T (2004) Studio: Mort Productions.

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