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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Finland
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Biography of Band

The birth of Funeris Nocturnum dates back to autumn of 1998, when it was founded by Torment and Grimort. Their first demo, Slay and Burn, was released September 1999, and it resulted in a deal with Woodcut Records. The debut album, Pure Satanic Blasphemy, was released in the spring of 2000. The early releases were brutal, aggressive and extremely fast metal in the vein of Marduk and Dark Funeral.

The second album, From the Aspect of Darkly Illuminated (2001), was more progressive and technical album than the first one, with some trash and death metal influences. Music was as fast and aggressive as ever. By the end of the year 2001 Woodcut re-released Slay and Burn as a mini-cd with some cover songs, and a video of the song 'I Abhor Thee'.

The third album, Code 666: Religion Syndrome Deceased, was be released 2002, and it is an intriguing and elaborate mixture of various genres of extreme metal. After the recordings of 'Code 666' the drummer Draco was let go, and he was replaced by TMON.

Members of Funeris Nocturnum

Current Members:
Torment (Founder). Role: vocals
Side projects: Enter My Silence, Swallow The Sun, Trollheim`s Grott
ImpresouvenairMort-nergal. Role: guitars
Side projects: Unveiled, Wherevictimslie
Sinequamnon (aka J-V Hell). Role: guitars
Side projects: Machine man, Palmcut
Horgath (M. Honkonen). Role: bass
Side projects: Gold Dust, Obscurant, Swallow The Sun
TMON. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: drums
Side projects: Sotajumala, Wherevictimslie
Past Members:
Draco. Period: 1999 - 2002. Role: drums
Side projects: Clarity, Random
Grimort (Founder). Period: 1998 - 2000. Role: guitars
Side projects: Alghazanth
Veilroth. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: guitars
Side projects: Alghazanth, Behexen, Calvarium
Juha. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: guitars
Joni. Period: 1998 - 1999. Role: drums
Ruho (A. Munter). Role: keyboards
Side projects: Random, Swallow The Sun, Trollheim`s Grott


Demo: Slay And Burn (1999)
CD: Pure Satanic Blasphemy (2000) Tracklist.
MCD: Slay And Burn (re-released) (2001)
CD: From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated (2001) Tracklist.
CD: Code 666: Religion Syndrome Deceased (2002) Tracklist.

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