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Style: Grindcore / Death
Year of birth: 1986
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

BLOOD was formed by Eisen, Taki, Geier and Radtke in March 1986 as a fun-noise Band. We recorded 3 Demos during this noisy time. In June 1987 VENTILATOR joined BLOOD and the songs got more structure and the music became serious. The 4th Demo ґHEINOUS NOISEґ was recorded in Oct.1987, the 5th Demo ґSPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMSґ, where Bestial Bernd used the micro in Feb.
1988 and the 6th Demo ґNO REGRETґ in Aug. 1988 with Chuck on vocals.After that we found a new Singer called Martin. At the beginning of 1989 we got our first record-deal with the US-Label ґWILD RAGS RECORDSґ the release of our debut LP ґIMPULSE TO DESTROYґ was in July 1989. One year later WILD RAGS released our first EP, ґRECOGNIZE YOURSELFґ. After that we finished our cooperation with the label, ґcause they totally ripped us off. In Dec.
1990 we recorded 5 new songs, which were released on two different split EPґs (one with IMPETIGO and the other with AGATHOCLES). those EPґs were self-releases with nearly 2000 copies each sold. After experiments with a second guitar player and another singer-change (Alex replaced Martin) we got another record deal with the german label ґ1MF-RECORDzґ for the next 2 BLOOD Albums.
The second LP called ґCHRISTBAITґ released in June 1992 and the 3rd Album ґO AGIOS PETHANEґ where Martin re-joined Blood released in Sep. 1993. After that release we signed a deal with ґMORBID RECORDSґ. In August 1994 they did our split EP with DEAD INFECTION (with Eisen on vox) and the re-release of the 1st BLOOD Album on CD. In march 1994 we found Clausi, who used to be our actual singer and stopped the permanent line-up changes. later we recorded our 4th Album ґMENTAL CONFLICTґ released in Dec.1994. In Sep.1995 we did another EP called ґSPITTLE RED OF BLOODґ out on Iron records.
In 1996 we recorded our 5th Album to be released in August 1996 as a self release (called `DEPRAVED GODDESS`ґ). The next release was the split EP BLOOD/MYSTIC CIRCLE out since May 97. In December 97 the split EP with PSYCHO (USA) is released on AX/TION records,USA. The BLOOD/INHUME split EP was released in may 98. After that, we signed a contract at ARS METALLI records for the 6th full BLOOD album called `gas flames bones` released since August 99.
In 2000 we became part of the IMPETIGO-tribute CD on Razorback records - USA. In early 2001 the BLOOD/WARSPITE split 7" released by Xetal records saw the daylight. After that in April 2001 KETZER PRODUCTIONS released the full BLOOD 7" called massacre. In march 2003 it was time for us to release the 7th BLOOD album called "Dysangelium" ON Morbid records... itґs a fucking killer!

We played over 120 live shows with Bands as: DISMEMBER, ATROCITY, GOREFEST, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, HOLY MOSES, FEAR OF GOD, MESSIAH, VADER, AGATHOCLES, SAMAEL, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and lots of other undergroundbands. BLOOD is an unique mixture of DEATH METAL and GRINDCORE.

Members of Blood

Current Members:
Eisen (Founder). In Band at: 1986 - . Role: Guitars, Vocals
Taki (Founder). In Band at: 1986 - . Role: Bass
Clausi. In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Vocals
Ventilator. In Band at: 1987 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Poison Asp
Past Members:
Alex (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1992. Role: Vocals
Martin. Period: 1988 - 1993. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Dawn
Radtke. Period: 1986 - 1987. Role: Drums
Geier (Founder). Period: 1986 - 1987. Role: Vocals
Bernd. Period: 1987 - 1988. Role: Vocals
Wenge. Period: 1991 - 1992. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Dawn
Ruben. Period: 1992 - 1993. Role: Guitars


Demo: Infernal Horror (1986) Studio: Self.
Demo: Destroy Command (1986) Tracklist.
Demo: Deathcore (1986) Tracklist.
Demo: Heinous Noise (1987) Tracklist.
Demo: Spasmo Paralytic Dreams (1988)
Demo: No Regret (1988)
CD: Impulse To Destroy (1989) Tracklist.
Comment: Reissued on Morbid Records in 1994 with 6 bonus tracks (#25 - 30) from the "Recognize Yourself" 7 inch.
7"EP: Recognize Yourself (1990) Tracklist.
Comment: Only available on 7 inch vinyl. Re-released as bonus on the 'Impulse to Destroy' cd.
Split: Antefatto/ the Dead (1991) Tracklist.
Lineup: Impetigo, Blood
7" Split: Traditional Rites (1991)
Lineup: Agathocles, Blood
CD: Christbait (1992) Tracklist.
CD: O Agios Pethane (1993) Tracklist.
Comment: Reissued on Leviathan Records in 2000 with a slightly different layout.
CD: Mental Conflicts (1994) Tracklist.
7" EP: Spite Red Of Blood (1994) Tracklist.
7" Split: Party's Over/Limited Edition (1995) Tracklist.
Lineup: Dead Infection, Blood
Split: Split tape with Malignant Tumour (1995)
Lineup: Malignant Tumour, Blood
CD: Depraved Goddess (1996) Tracklist.
Comment: Limited copies of this CD had a rusty nail in the jewel case tray to help nail the weak bastard to the cross.
Reissued in 1999 on Ars Metalli Records with different CD print.
Split 7": Blood/Inhume (1997) Tracklist.
Lineup: Blood, Inhume
Split EP: Schwarze Magie (1997) Tracklist.
Lineup: Blood, Mystic Circle
Split EP: Blood/Psycho (1998)
Lineup: Blood, Psycho
CD: Gas. Flames. Bones. (1999) Tracklist.
7" Split: Blood / Warspite (2000) Tracklist.
Lineup: Warspite, Blood
7" EP: Massacre (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: First edition (500 copies) blue vinyl.
Second edition (500) copies green vinyl.
CD: Dysangelium (2003) Tracklist.

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