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Style: Black
Year of birth: 1989
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

Nargaroth started 1989 without a name. It was was raised by Kanwulf as a one man band (it still is solo project). He tried to play an old distorted bass guitar and he screamed his lyrics to express himself in this confusingly times of a young man. He never was looking for other musicians because his preference was to stand-alone.

In 1991 was recorded the instrumental demo "Orke", it contained 7 instrumental tracks and an intro tracks. The reason for the instrumental tracks is that Kanwulf did not had the equipment to record the vocals. This demo was limited to 150 copies and is totally sold out.

Later he found during a confused time in his confused head the name Nargaroth. From this day forward he found his identity in that form.

Then 2 years later in 1993 Kanwulf released the very hard to find "Herbstleyd" demo that was limited to 200 copies, Kanwulf still has some copies but he does not want to give it people anymore. The reason for this is that he does not like many people in the nowadays Black Metal scene.

In 1995 Kanwulfs best friend hanged himself, this was a very big shock for him and he fell into isolation. That is why Nargaroth did not release any music for about 5 years.

Untill 1998 when Steffen of the German No Colours recordlabel contacted him to re-record the "Herbstleyd" demo and release it as a CD and LP. After long begging from Steffen`s side Kanwulf agreed and "Herbstleyd" got released by No Colours on CD and LP in 1999. Nowadays many people see this album as a "Black Metal Classic". Though Kanwulf does not see his music as Black Metal but as "German Misanthopic Metal".

One year after "Herbstleyd" another album got released, but it was an album old and unreleased recordings entitled "Amarok". This album contained a beautifull cover of the Burzum classic "Black Spell of Destruction" and was also released by No Colours on CD and LP.

In the year 2000 another Nargaroth release saw the light of the day, this was the controversial "Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal" demo. Why a demo after 2 albums some might think, but that is because Kanwulfs likes the sound of demo`s and rehearsaltapes. He can express himself more with it. This demo was released on tape (limited to 333 copies) and on vinyl (limited to 100 copies) by Sombre Records and contained various songs from the "Herbstleyd" album/demo and the upcoming "Black metal ist Krieg" album) plus 2 previously unreleased tracks "Tod den Feinden" and "Fuck Off: Last Episode!". Each uneven number of the tape contained an extra song "A Black metal Song Just For Black Metal Maniacs" and each LP contained a part of the original master tape from that song.

Then in 2001 No Colours Records released another milestone in the history of Black Metal. This was the year "Black Metal ist Krieg" came out, it was Kanwulf's ode to Black Metal... A Dedication Monument. This album was different then Kanwulfs earlier work (except for the "Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal" demo which contained various songs from "Black Metal ist Krieg"). It was released as DIGI CD and normal jewel case CD. A lot of people see this as Kanwulfs best work, but that is everybodys personal view on it.

2002 was the year the mini CD/LP "Rasluka Part II" came out. It was different then earlier releases, and this one was the first release in the Rasluka trinity. "Rasluka Part II" was dedicated to Kanwulf`s best friend R.S. who committed suicide in 1995 and Bon Scott vocalist of the legendary Australian (hard)rockband AC/DC who was found dead in a car in 1980.

The "Rasluka Part I" MCD/MLP was supposed to be released as a split LP with Moonblood by Sombre Records, but because Kanwulf had problems with the re-release of Azubham Haani demomaterial by Sombre Records he decided not too release this one on their label but on No Colours.

The LP version of "Black Metal ist Krieg" came out in 2003, as a gatefold 2-LP with one picture LP.
And then after many delays and almost 2 years of waiting Nargaroth`s new masterpiece "Geliebte des Regens" finally was released on October 26. An album with musical elements of the "Rasluka Part II" mini CD in it.

Nargaroth did not sit still, and finally released the "Rasluka Part I" MCD in 2004. Again dedicated to his best friend R.S. who comitted suicide, this release kept the true Nargaroth spirit alive. Namely melodic but raw Hateful German Misanthropic Metal. In this same year Kanwulf also announced various gigs in Mexico, but these were cancelled because of the promoter who fucked up. Earlier that year Kanwulf also cancelled a concert that was supposed to take place in Hengelo (The Netherlands), but a few months later the concert would still take place, this time in Rotterdam. And also a new gig was announced, one in Austria at the "Misanthropic Violence" festival.

Members of Nargaroth

Current Members:
Kanwulf (Founder). In Band at: 1989 - . Role: One-man project
Past Members:
Butcher (Guest). Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: drums
Charoon (Guest). Period: 1991 - 1993. Role: guitars
Occulta Mors (Moonblood) (Guest). Role: drums
Akhenaten ( Judas Iscariot) (Guest). Role: live bass
Asbath (Guest). Role: Live Drums
Side projects: Darkestrah


Demo: Orke (1991) Tracklist.
Comment: The entire album is instrumental, except the intro where there are some screams. The Orke demo was limited to 200 copies when self-released in 1991. It was later re-released by No Colours on tape as well

Demo: Herbstleyd (1993) Tracklist.
Comment: Guest - Charoon(guitars); Limited to 200 copies; available only in tape cassette format
LP/MC: Herbstleyd (1998) Tracklist.
CD: Herbstleyd (1999) Tracklist.
Lineup: Kanwulf - Vocals, all instruments, Charoon - Session leadguitars
CD: Amarok (2000) Tracklist.
LP: Amarok (2000)
Demo/LP: Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: Cassette version self-released. A vinyl version was pressed by one of the European underground vinyl labels (Sombre?)
Rereleased as limited picture disc by No Colours Records in 2005. Track 8. Outro: Nortam Sagro is actually a Motorhead - Orgasmatron cover
CD: Black Metal ist Krieg (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: More format-types - A5 DIGI/TAPE/2-LP
Ressured in 2003

Split: Black Metal Endsieg II (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: Track 1 by Nargaroth
Track 2 by Decayed
Track 3 by Apolokia (Ger)
Track 4 by Godless North
EP: Rasluka Pt.II (2002) Tracklist.
Lineup: Kanwulf - Strings, flute, vocals & chor, usw; Charoon - Strings; Occulta Mors - Drums
CD: Geliebte des Regens (2003) Tracklist.
Comment: More format styles - LP; Title translates to "Beloved of the Rain"
LP: Crushing Some Belgian Scum (2004) Tracklist.
Comment: Recorded live at Aartrijke, Belgium, March 16 2002. The MLP is limited to 1000 handnumbered copies, and comes with a poster. Also available as picture disc. Limited to 500 copies.
Tape version, limited to 200 copies, was released by Curse of KvN Sadistic
EP: Rasluka Pt.I (2004) Tracklist.
Comment: White vinyl version limited to 200 copies
CD: Prosatanica Shooting Angels (2004) Tracklist.
Lineup: Kanwulf - Vocals, all instruments
Comment: More style formats - LP; According to the label`s page: "Back to the roots.."; The album is more Old School Black Metal, different from the older album Geliebte des Regens which is more Ambient Black
Single: Left Behind In Suicide (2005) Tracklist.
Comment: Will be released as pic. 7" with only one track. The song was recorded through the recording session for the "Herbstleyd" album

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