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Style: Folk Black Metal
Year of birth: 1996
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

Nazgul were evocated on February 1996 by Zakrathor (Vc, Ky,Dr) and Thornset (Gt,Bs).

In 1998 they recorded the demo tape (about 800 copies sold) with only two songs lasting 15 minutes. These demo let the duo obtain favourable assents, both in Italy and abroad, procuring them a record contract with Elegy Records for the production of two albums. This way they entered the Petit Studio(Art Inferno), to record "De Expugnatione Elrmuth" , which they ended on November 2000. The mastering was effected at Massive Arts (Necrodeath, Terror 2000, Art Inferno, Opera IX), while Vite of Ace of Spade Tatoo took care of the grafic. The album is made of 14 songs lasting 46 minutes. It is a concept of obscure fantasy matrix placed in an imaginary land, that becomes theatre of bloody battles, that ends whit uncontestated domination of the dark horde, headed by the master of evil.

The lyrics are completely in latin, that, in duo`s opinion, perfectly matches with the music and themes treated.

Members of Nazgul

Current Members:
Zakrathor (Founder). In Band at: 1996 - . Role: vocals, keyboards
Thornset (Founder). In Band at: 1996 - . Role: guitars, bass


Demo: Omne est paratum (1998) Tracklist.
Compilation: Ordinis Reliquiae (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: Compiled with Azaghal, Triumphator, My Dark Sin, Abhor, Noctifer, Kratornas
CD: De Expugnatione Elrmuth (2002) Studio: Petit Studio. Tracklist.
Comment: Totally sang in Latin

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